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Thank you to the attendees, sponsors, and everyone who contributed to APNIC 52. The preliminary event participation statistics are:

Conference Statistics

Total number of remote attendees 706*
Economies represented 48
APNIC Member organizations represented 175
#apnic52 tweets
276 from 91 users

* Unique registered attendees using Zoom.


One position on the NRO NC was up for election. At the end of the nomination period, Di Ma was the only confirmed nominee, therefore was declared elected.

APNIC thanks outgoing NRO NC member Aftab Siddiqui for his service on the NRO NC.

Cooperation SIG

The Cooperation SIG is a forum for discussion about broader Internet issues such as public policy and Internet governance with a focus on information sharing, outreach, capacity building, and other activities that will advance APNIC’s vision for a global, open, stable, and secure Internet. The theme on the Internet’s environmental impact and how ISPs and data centres address energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Presentations at the SIG included:

There was also a SIG Chair election held. Congratulations to Joy Chan on being re-elected as Chair.


The NIR SIG shares information relating to the operations, policies, and procedures of National Internet Registries (NIRs) with the aim of promoting close cooperation among the NIRs and with the APNIC Secretariat.

The NIR SIG had presentations from the following NIRs:

There was also a SIG Chair election held. Congratulations to Oanh Nguyen on being elected as Chair.

APNIC thanks outgoing Chair Billy Cheon for his service on the NIR SIG.

Open Policy Meeting (Policy SIG)

The APNIC Open Policy Meeting (OPM) is an open forum to develop policies that relate to the management and use of Internet number resources within the Asia Pacific region. These include policies for resource allocation, recovery and transfer, and for resource registration within whois, reverse DNS, RPKI and related services.

The Open Policy Meeting had a presentation about the following:

The following policy proposals reached consensus at the OPM and AMM:

The following proposal reached consensus but has been sent back to the author for clarification:

  • prop-137: IPv6 assignment for associate members

The following policy proposal did not reach consensus and was sent back to the mailing list:

  • prop-141: Change maximum delegation size of IPv4 address from 512 (/23) to 768 (/23+/24) addresses

The following policy proposal is to be a guideline:

There was also a SIG Chair and Co-Chair election held. Congratulations to Bertrand Cherrier on being elected as Chair and Shaila Sharmin on being elected as Co-Chair.

Translated summaries of the policy proposals

The policy proposals discussed at the APNIC 52 OPM have been translated into the following languages.

Routing Security SIG

The Routing Security SIG provides a platform to discuss operational issues and best practices to secure global Internet routing. It also provides advice, support and technical review of policy proposals concerning routing security to advise the APNIC Community.

The SIG had presentations about the following topics:

There was also a SIG Co-Chair election held. Congratulations to Afifa Abbas and Di Ma on being elected as Co-Chairs.

APNIC thanks acting Co-Chair Rupesh Shrestha for his service on the Routing Security SIG.

IANA Review Committee (RC) election

An election was held for one seat on the IANA RC. Congratulations to Ching-Heng Ku on being elected to the IANA RC.

APNIC thanks outgoing IANA RC member Bertrand Cherrier for his service on the IANA RC.

Results of SIG elections and IANA RC election are available.

Upcoming Conferences

21 February to 3 March 2022