7 - 14 September 2017


Taichung is a 55-minute train ride from Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei).

Airport Transfers

How to get to The Splendor Hotel from Taoyuan International Airport

Step 1:  From Taoyuan International Airport to Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) Taoyuan Station
  • You can take the airport MRT or a shuttle bus (TWD 30 cash only) operating line at the Airport Terminal 1 Station or Airport Terminal 2 Station.
  • Get off at the THSR Taoyuan Station
  • Route map
(For information updates, please visit the Metro Taoyuan website).

Step 2: Then take the High-Speed Rail from the THSR Taoyuan Station to the THSR Taichung station
Step 3: Upon arriving at the THSR Taichung station, you can either:

a) Take a THSR shuttle bus
  • Come out from Exit 6 to take the THSR Shuttle Bus 159 at the bus platform and get off at the SOGO Dept. Store (Meicun Rd) (Bus route direction: THSR Taichung—Taichung Park)
  • The bus service operates from 06:35 (UTC +8) to 22:00 (UTC +8) and departs every 15 minutes. It will take about 30 minutes to reach Taichung city.
  • Guests may pay the shuttle fee in cash if they do not have either the Easy Card or iPass. The full fare tickets of the THSR shuttle buses are TWD 25.

b) Take a taxi
  • It takes around 20 minutes to reach the hotel by taxi from THSR Taichung station. The taxi fee will be approximately TWD 330.

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