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Useful facts


Taiwan uses the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD coming in TWD 100, TWD 200, TWD 500, TWD 1000 and TWD 2000 in paper money; TWD 1, TWD 5, TWD 10, and TWD 50 in coins.

You can exchange foreign currencies at government-designated banks and hotels. Please check the exchange rate before you exchange the currency.

Credit Cards

American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Diners Club credit cards are widely used in Taiwan.

Service charge and tax

In some hotels and restaurants, service charges of 10% apply, but it depends on places you go.


Currently, Taiwan uses 110 volts at 60 cycles. Appliances from Europe, Australia, or South-East Asia will need an adaptor or transformer. Many buildings have sockets with 220 volts especially for the use of air conditioners.


Tipping is generally not expected.

For updated and further information, please visit: Tourism Bureau, the Republic of China (Taiwan) official website.


Taichung is located in centre-western Taiwan. It is the third largest city in Taiwan and has a population of around 2.7 million people. Taichung also has a pleasant climate with an average temperature of 22.4°C. What make Taichung attractive are its abundant ecosystems, the ancient glamour of history, and incredible arts and literature. It also offers well-priced culinary delights, assorted shopping areas and arts performances, making it well worth a visit.

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