APRICOT 2016 Fellowship is proudly sponsored by


Congratulations to the APRICOT 2016 Fellows.

The Fellowship Committee (FC) would like to thank all the applicants who applied for the APRICOT 2016 Fellowship. For those who were unsuccessful, we encourage you to apply again in the future. The FC would also like to express its appreciation to ISOC, InternetNZ, and the 2015 Japan Exco for providing the funding to support the Fellowship Program.

The Fellows who were selected and have accepted the award are as follows:

# Name Gender Economy Track Supporter
01 Alois Napitalai M Papua New Guinea Workshop ISOC
02 Amata Kabua M Marshall Islands Workshop Internet NZ
03 Bernie Tauaanae M Samoa Workshop ISOC
04 Edward A. Albert * M FSM Workshop Internet NZ
05 Epeli Tagi M Samoa Workshop ISOC
06 Fred Palio M Papua New Guinea Workshop ISOC
07 Jemris Yeros M Timor-Leste Workshop ISOC
08 John Chand M Fiji Workshop ISOC
09 Julia Anisi * F Solomon Islands Workshop ISOC
10 Kanha Veng F Cambodia Conference ISOC
11 Khalid Samara M Jordan Conference 2015Exco
12 Nasrin Akter F Bangladesh Conference 2015Exco
13 Pafelio Tumua * M Tokelau Workshop ISOC
14 Paul Henry Yauko M Vanuatu Workshop Internet NZ
15 Phyo Kyi Thein M Myanmar Workshop 2015Exco
16 Ritia Numanga F Cook Islands Workshop ISOC
17 Samboeun Hean M Cambodia Workshop 2015Exco
18 Shaila Sharmin F Bangladesh Workshop 2015Exco
19 Sosafate Kolo M Tonga Workshop ISOC
20 Stanley Osao M Papua New Guinea Conference ISOC
21 Subin Shrestha M Nepal Workshop 2015Exco
22 Tenanoia Veronica Simona F Tuvalu Conference ISOC
23 Tererei Aruee M Kiribati Workshop ISOC
24 Yeshey Needup M Bhutan Workshop 2015Exco
25 Zmarialai Wafa M Afghanistan Conference 2015Exco

* = Declined

The Fellowship program offers opportunities to qualified applicants to attend APRICOT 2016.

APRICOT 2016 Fellowship applications are now closed.


Since year 2000, APRICOT has been providing financial support for individuals from developing economies to attend the APRICOT meeting. The purpose of the APRICOT Fellowship Programme is to give opportunities to Internet network engineers and operators from the less privileged parts of the Asia Pacific region to come to the region's premier Internet Operations and Technology event. The human networking is extremely important with growing the Internet across the region, with the APRICOT Fellows gaining valuable opportunities to meet Internet network professionals from all around the world. This is in addition to the technologies and skills learnt or enhanced during the APRICOT Workshops and the APRICOT Conference itself.

The award is open to anyone who meets the criteria specified below. Selected fellows will have an opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry, learn first hand about APRICOT and its related activities, and return home with new insights to aid them in their professional development.

APRICOT will maintain an open call for applicants through its website and announcement email lists. The Fellowship Committee will conduct ongoing evaluations of the applicants and make their selections based on certain criteria including applicant experience and applicant's desire to continue to participate in APRICOT.

The Fellowship Award which is granted to successful applicants (Fellows) covers a proportion of conference registration, travel, and living expenses associated with attending APRICOT.

Fellowship Award Package


Applicants selected for the APRICOT 2016 Fellowship programme will receive the following support from APIA:

  • 80% of the economy class return air fare to the conference or workshop (Fellow agrees to pay 20% of the air fare)
  • Twin shared hotel accommodation with breakfast for the duration of the conference or workshop
  • A fixed cash allowance of NZD 100 for the duration of the workshop or conference
  • Complimentary registration to the workshop or conference
  • Complimentary attendance to all the conference or workshop social events

Key Dates

8 October Fellowship Programme Launch
30 October Fellowship Applications Closes at 19:00 (UTC +10)
2 November First Pass on Applications
16 November Completion of Reviews
23 November Inviting Successful Applicants to accept award
6 December Acceptance Deadline
7 December Publication of Successful Applicants


Applicants should be actively involved in Internet development in any of the following capacities:

  • Network engineers
  • Decision makers in government, education, non-government, and private sectors
  • Educators and trainers

Selection criteria

  • Residency in and Citizenship of an LDC or Small Island Developing State, as per UN definition
  • Ability to share what is learned with colleagues and peers

Applicants who have been prior APNIC or APRICOT Fellowship recipients within the last four years will not ordinarily be considered.

Fellowship Terms and Conditions


Applicants for the APRICOT 2016 Fellowship program must:

  • Be Resident in and Citizen of (as per United Nations definition):
    • A Least Developed Country (LDC) in the Asia Pacific region
    • A Small Island Developing State (SIDS) in the Pacific
  • Not have attended an APRICOT conference in the past.

Applicants not meeting these eligibility requirements will only have their applications processed at the discretion of the APRICOT 2016 Fellowship Committee.

Travel Documents

Applicants selected for the APRICOT 2016 Fellowship program must have:

  • A valid passport
  • Any other travel documents required by their economy, transit economy, and/or host country

APRICOT Fellows are responsible for obtaining all the necessary visas and related travel documents. APIA will provide a formal invitation letter to attend the APRICOT 2016 Conference only upon request.


  • All flights will be arranged and booked by the Official travel agent and will only be purchased after all the necessary travel documents are obtained, including visas and transit visas, and a scanned copy of these documents are provided to APIA.
  • All tickets will be purchased based on the most direct route and least expensive fare. Fellows may not create their own travel route or reroute or extend any itinerary booked by the Official Travel Agent.
  • APIA will not be liable for any loss or expenses incurred by an applicant while arranging the necessary travel documents and obtaining required visas from the relevant country authorities.
  • APIA will not be liable for any refusal to grant a visa by any relevant economy authority.


  • APIA will book and cover the cost of a twin shared hotel room (with breakfast) either at the conference venue or within close proximity.
  • Any hotel surcharges e.g. telephone calls, room service, laundry, massage, movies, etc., are to be borne by the Fellow. Please clearly note that Hotel will request a credit card or cash as deposit from a Fellow to guarantee surcharge expenses.
  • A fixed cash allowance of NZD 100 for the entire event will be provided to offset reasonable expenses such as ground transport and other incidentals not provided at the conference. This allowance will be paid to the Fellow upon arrival at the conference venue.

Reporting and Responsibilities

APRICOT 2016 Workshop Fellows must:

  • Attend every day of the workshop, from start to finish of the day.
  • Participate in the special social event arranged for Fellows.
  • Meet with the APRICOT Fellowship Committee and members of the APIA Board at scheduled meetings
  • Submit to APIA a summary report on the workshop they attended within two weeks of the conclusion of APRICOT 2016.
  • Complete workshop and fellowship surveys when requested.

APRICOT 2016 Conference Fellows must:

  • Attend all feasible sessions and be present at the conference from start to finish every day
  • Participate in the special social event arranged for Fellows.
  • Be willing to assist the conference organisers and the network operations team with the daily preparation and running of the conference, as specified each day.
  • Meet with APRICOT Fellowship Committee and members of the APIA Board at the scheduled meetings.
  • Submit a summary report to APIA within two weeks of the end of APRICOT. More details on the length and focus of the report will be provided at the conference.
  • Complete Conference and Fellowship surveys.

Laws, Regulations, and Legislation

  • It is the APRICOT Fellow's responsibility to comply with all local laws, regulations, and legislation of the country or countries to which the Fellow will travel. These include immigration and customs.
  • APIA is incorporated in Australia and must therefore comply with all the laws, regulations, and legislation of Australia.
  • APIA is collecting personal information from each Fellow in order to process applications for the APRICOT 2016 Fellowship. Without this information, APIA will not be able to process the application.
  • APIA will publish the APRICOT 2016 Fellow's name, country, and organisation name on the public APRICOT website and may also publish on Social Media used during the APRICOT event.

Health and Safety

  • Fellows are responsible for maintaining their personal health and safety during the conference.
  • Fellows must seek guidance from their respective health authorities for any potential health risks in the city to be visited.
  • Fellows should receive, at their own expense, all recommended vaccinations prior to travelling.
  • APIA is not responsible for the personal health and safety of any APRICOT Fellow.
  • Obtaining and paying for any travel insurance is the sole responsibility of the Fellow.
  • Upon request, APIA will assist in claims processing but APIA will not pay nor apply for the claims.
  • APIA is not responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings.

Privacy Policy

APIA has a privacy policy that contains information about:

  • How you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles by APIA, and how APIA will deal with such a complaint;
  • How you may access and seek the correction of the personal information held by APIA about you.
  • Please note, while it is unlikely your personal information will be disclosed to any overseas recipient, some of your personal information may be stored by APIA using computer servers located outside Australia.


The APRICOT 2016 Fellowship award is not transferrable. If a Fellow is unable to attend the conference due to unforeseen circumstances, upon a Fellow's written request, APRICOT may at its discretion recommend the Fellowship Committee to consider the Fellow for the next APRICOT conference.

Failure to Comply with Terms and Conditions

Please note that if a Fellow fails to comply with any one of the above-mentioned terms and conditions of the APRICOT Fellowship Programme, APIA reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Terminating a fellowship prior to the conference;
  • Early departure from the conference;
  • The Fellow covering costs for all expenditures.

Fellowship Committee

The 2016 Fellowship Committee are listed below.


  • Philip Smith (Chair)
  • Masato Yamanishi (Co-Chair)


  • Ellen Strickland (InternetNZ)
  • Elly Tawhai (APNIC)
  • GZ Kabir (BDCOM)
  • Hervey Allen (NSRC)
  • John Earls
  • Jian Zhang
  • Jichen Thinley (Bhutan Telecom)
  • Maemura Akinori (JPNIC)
  • Rajnesh D. Singh (ISOC)
  • Save Vocea (ICANN)
  • Steve Conte (ICANN)
  • Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Sylvia Cadena (APNIC)