Tomohiro Fujisaki

Nominee Details

Title Dr
Name Tomohiro Fujisaki
Position Senior Research Engineer, Supervisor
Organization Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Economy of Residence Japan
Biographical info

Dr. Tomohiro Fujisaki has been conducting research on IPv6 at NTT Laboratories since 1997. He has earned his Ph.D. in Media Design from Keio University. The current focus of his research is the next generation Internet architecture. In 2013 he was elected as a board member of Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC) where he is responsible for the IP address management policy issues.

He served as the co-chair of IPv6 technical SIG in APNIC Conference from 2007 to 2011. For promotion and deployment of IPv6 in Japan, he is devoting himself as an acting chair of the IPv6 deployment committee in Internet Association Japan, and a co-chair of IPv4/IPv6 co-existence working group in IPv6 promotion council in Japan, as well as supporting implementation of IPv6 services in his company.

In addition to these IPv6 related activities, he has contributed in policy development and coordination activities and has served for the Internet community. He has been leading policy discussions in Japan as the chair of the Japan Open Policy Forum from 2005 until 2012. He has proposed several address policies in the APNIC Conferences, some of which have been adopted in the APNIC region, including Inter-RIR IPv4 address transfer proposal. He has been serving as an NRO NC member from the APNIC region since 2008.

Lastly but not the least, he was one of the key initiators for rejuvenation of the ISOC Japan Chapter (ISOC-JP) which has resumed since 2012. He is now supporting ISOC-JP's activities as the Chairman.

Nominated by Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
Motivation for nomination

Dr. Tomohiro Fujisaki has the prominent expertise in the area of address management policy, with his experience as the elected member of NRO NC from the APNIC region. He has submitted numerous policy proposals in the APNIC Policy SIG and has served as the Chair of Policy SIG in JPNIC Open Policy Forum, from 2005 until 2012. He is the only unique expert in our region, who covers national, regional and global policy coordination in a comprehensive manner.

In addition, he has the knowledge and experience in running of a non-profit organization, as the Managing Trustee of JPNIC in Policy Area since the formation of this position and has been a member of IP Address Committee.

In the area of IPv6, he is a leading expert of IPv6 technology and deployment in Japan through his activities in the IPv6 deployment committee in Internet Association Japan, IPv6 Promotion Council in Japan, and has made great contributions in the APNIC region through sharing and spreading his knowledge at various conferences including IPv6 Summits in the region.

I am sure that Tomohiro will make his positive commitment to the EC activities for the coming two years when IP address management issue and IPv6 promotion continues to be one of the key issues in the post-IPv4 exhaustion period in the Asia Pacific region.

Nominated by Viet Nam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC)
Motivation for nomination

We have had chances to meet and work with Dr. Tomohiro Fujisaki at various events, like the bilateral cooperation between VNNIC and JPNIC in which he's served as a board member, or many of IPv6 events in Viet Nam in which he participated actively as a speaker. He has the prominent expertise in the area of address management policy as it can be seen through his submitting numerous policy proposals in the APNIC Policy SIG, and delivering the speeches to our audience with enthusiasm and carefulness.

I believe he would have the biggest contribution when it comes to the area of IP address and commitment to serve for the community via the EC activities in the next 2 years.

Nominee's statement

I am honored to be nominated for APNIC EC election.

My first APNIC meeting was APNIC 11 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 2001. At that time, new IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy was proposed, and I joined policy SIG as a member of the IPv6 policy proposal team. Since then, I've been attending all APNIC meetings, and served as a co-chair of IPv6 technical SIG, a member of the APOPS program committee, and a member of the NRO Number Council. I've also attended recent IETF meetings, ICANN meetings, and Internet Society gatherings in these meetings as a chair of the Internet Society Japan Chapter.

The Internet has been changing, and the role of APNIC becomes more important, not only in the Internet resource management area, but also Internet deployment in our region and leading Internet Governance. There are many topics need to tackle to ensure continuous development of the Internet, and whole community collaboration will be the key to resolve those issues. I believe my technical and community experience will work well for the EC position. I commit myself to serve the community. Let's work together to move the Internet to the right direction.