Sila May

Nominee Details

Title Mr
Name Sila May
Position Senior Network Engineer
Organization HT Networks
Economy of Residence Cambodia
Biographical info


2015 - Present: Senior Network Engineer at HT Networks (IXP License)

  • Manage and control ASN and IPs of APNIC
  • Manage and control Network, System and Technical team
  • Projects plan and budget plan for HT Networks
  • Propose better and improve network and server?s infrastructure
  • Make a good relationship with customers and peering panthers
  • Report to MPTC / TRC about income and expenses (m/y)

2013 - Present: Promoted to Assistant of IT Manager at NCX Honda (LA)

  • IT Budget Planning and prepare for IT Business Plan
  • Managing and planning for Network/Internet for all branches
  • Network Security Planning and Design, Network Diagram
  • IP Address and subnet management LAN, WAN (IPv6 Basic)
  • Routing and switching for Internet (IPLC), Data Link (DPLC)
  • CISCO able to configure RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP
  • CISCO ACLs, InterVlan, VLANs Trunking, NAT, Static Route
  • Manage firewall rules, limit bandwidth, block by level of staff
  • Control and manage Mail Server, Spam Filter,
  • Protect network from malicious software, Control KAV Server.
  • Manage Domain Controller policy, permission, DHCP, DNS
  • Backup all Data to Tape drive (Database, ZAP, Navision?)
  • Manage CISCO Router, Switch, Wi-Fi, HOTSPOT and BABX
  • Implement Monitoring System graph and email alert (Nagios...)
  • Yearly cost down plan for IT Budget for all IT Equipment
  • Control CCTV security camera, and network setting layout.
  • Apply the up-to-date technology to company

April 2012 - Mar 2013: Work as NOC Engineer at Latelz Telecom (Smart Mobile)

  • Keep track with Billing Issue, CBOOS, and IVR
  • Monitoring CSR Graph, All BSC traffic
  • Control MSOFT, UMG, and HLR
  • Monitor Entice, OMS, RNC, Upstream and BGP graph
  • Take action if any abnormal traffic occurs
  • Monitor all M2000 and T2000 (All 3G and 2G alarm)
  • Handle for all Generator problems in all 24 provinces
  • Daily report for all issue related to NSS, BSS, and Voice
  • Monitoring Emeson, ServiceOn, Wimax
  • Keep track for Rooming, Oversea call, and daily statistic

Dec 2010 - April 2012: Promoted as Network Transmission at CHUANWEI Telecom

  • Install internet connection IPLC, DPLC, DIA,
  • Configure SDH (HUAWEI, ZTE) Channel and Timeslot
  • Configure MSP (Protection link for bank up link)
  • Designed the diagram of connection link
  • Manage and monitor link and Server issue
  • Maintenance and migrate server
  • Documentation the configuration
  • Channel and Time slot noted and update for team

1st July - Dec 2010: Promoted to System Technician at CHUANWEI Telecom

  • Configure CISCO Router enable net flow analyzer
  • Configure Mail Server, DNS server in Linux
  • Implement WEB Server (OTRS Ticket System, Kayako)
  • Configure and manage VOIP TrixBox on Linux, IVR
  • Configure Proxy server, Routine Server maintenance
  • Completed Redhat Training Administration RH131
  • Solving technical problem, identify and troubleshooting

1st July - Dec 2010: Promoted to Team leader internal support

  • Plan to make internal support is effective
  • Control the team and manage task for each
  • Making procedure for easy support
  • Train the team for useful tip faster support
  • Post every similar issue and notify to team

March - June 2010: working as NOC Technical Support at CHUAN WEI Telecom

  • Monitoring the customer services (IPLC, DIA, DPLC?)
  • Configure and monitor (NetFlow, Nagios, Cacti, OTRS)
  • Capture and analyze user?s abnormal user traffic
  • Supporting the external customer by the phone or on site
  • Controlling users bandwidth, and graph used
  • Alert for all alarm from the system and update to Engineer

March - 25 Oct 2009: 4 months Internship at CHUANWEI as ?Network Engineer?

  • Lap testing Back up IOS Router Configuration file
  • Lap OSPF, BGP and Firewall configure
  • DHCP and DNS route CISCO router
  • LAN configure IP Sub netting and Port Security
  • Configure Nagios, Cacti for monitoring
  • Configure basic routing RIP and Static route
  • Configure GNS3 lap for testing


Nov 2012:

  • Graduated from University of Puthisastra in major of Computer Sciences
  • Advance Linux System Administrator, Java, IT Management
  • Software project and Designed, MS Window Server 2008
  • CISCO CCNA1, 2; Routing and Switching, Security
  • Microsoft ISA Window Server 2003 and 2008
  • Configure, Manage, and Maintaining Linux and Window

2009 - August 2010

  • Awarded on Aug 2010, Grade B for Wireless Communication Skill

Khmer, English, Thai/Laos and Chinese.

Nominated by HT Networks
Motivation for nomination

I come from Cambodia, and actually it is a developing country and even not much better education as a developed country. And I am also not have higher educated but I am motivated to be nominated to APNIC Executive Council. My ability might not in that level, however if APNIC give me a chance I would try my best as I am a kind of fast learner. I always believe in everything I do, I just need time. Finally, I am waiting for next opportunity that APNIC would offer to APNIC member like me if I am not being selected.