Roopinder Singh Perhar

Nominee Details

Title Mr
Name Roopinder Singh Perhar
Position President Strategy and Planning
Organization Netplus Broadband Services Private Limited
Economy of Residence India
Biographical info

R S Perhar has served in various capacities in govt service and corporate field gaining wide experience in project conceptualisation,planning and implementation and large country wide levels.As COO of Tulip Telecom Ltd. He assisted the company in setting up a MPLS VPN Network over 1140 locations across India from scratch. He also implemented setting up data centers in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

He propagated and implemented large scale use of wireless technology in the last mile both in Urban and rural areas extensively. He was also member of Next Generation Networks Committee of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, Member of the committee to work out safe radiation standards for broadband and wireless radios of mobile and broadband Telecom operators, this committee was formed under Bureau of Indian Standards.

He was elected as Member Executive Council of Internet Providers Association of India in 2005 and then Secretary of Internet Service Providers Association of India (ISPAI) in 2006 during which he was responsible in building sustainable business models with supportive technology for small ISPs who could spread internet into rural areas. He was responsible in initiating and pushing for NIR formation in India. He also presented the case to APNIC board for successful holding of first combined APNIC and SANOG in India in 2007.

Now he is President of Netplus Broadband Services Pvt Ltd, responsible for its Strategy and Planning. He is also Executive Council member of ISPAI. Perhar is pushing through his company innovative use hybrid of technologies e.g. MEN,GPON and DOCSIS to build locally sustainable networks at low cost but providing international class Internet usage experience. He is also innovating use of wireless and Hot Spots to provide connectivity in villages and other far flung areas.

Nominated by delDSL Internet Pvt. Ltd
Motivation for nomination

R S Perhar has wide experience of over 35 years in govt and corporate sector. He specialises in large scale Project Planning, Design and implementation. His extensive experience has given him deep insights into Conceptualisation, Planning and design parameters,Human Resource Management, Technology and Administration of large varied projects. In his innings with his company Tulip Telecom Ltd. he performed superbly to setup one of the widest MPLS VPN Networks. His election as Secretary, Internet Service Providers Association of India and the work undertaken by him has been of great help to the members and other operators to setup Internet broadband Networks, both by using wire line and wireless technologies.

His passion for all things internet and will to work to ensure that Internet spreads across the country specially to the most rural areas is tremendous. He carries experience of work at ground level as well as experience at the policy making level for the country and its effect Internationally. Keeping above in view we feel he is the right blend of a person suitable in being an EC member of APNIC. He will be effective in discharging his duties diligently in APNIC and with his experience assist other EC members in making it a even more effective organisation as also bring gained knowledge back to our country for benefit of millions who are yet deprived of this essential resource.