Kam Sze Yeung

Nominee Details

Title Mr
Name Kam Sze Yeung
Position Senior Manager, Network Architecture
Organization Akamai Technologies
Economy of Residence Hong Kong
Biographical info

Kams Yeung is a Senior Network Architect at Akamai Technologies, the world's largest CDN. Kams has responsibilities primarily covering peering, routed interconnections and capacity planning. Kams is a 16-year veteran of the Internet industry and an international network engineering, operations and data center professional. He has served as an infrastructure team member during APRICOT-APAN 2011. Before Akamai, Kams was Product Manager at Equinix, and Senior Manager, IP Engineering at Pacnet. He's a regular supporter of APRICOT, APNIC, APF, and other industry community gatherings.

Nominated by Equinix Hong Kong Ltd
Motivation for nomination

Kams is a recognized industry leader in AP, and well known and liked by many. He has been participating in the community at APRICOT, APNIC, HKNOG, and other regional events as an organiser or supporter. I believe he will be able to further our cause and help our industry flourish as an APNIC EC member.

Nominee’s statement

I have been working in the Internet companies related to Asia Pacific since 2001. This provides me an extensive regional exposure which enable me to understand the different Internet environment in Asia Pacific.

Being one of the program committee of HKNOG, I have been actively promote the collaboration and knowledge sharing to the local Internet communities.

I believe my strong technical networking background would contribute to a better policy for the Internet communities in Asia Pacific.

I will strike for the best interest for all the stakeholders, to make a better Internet for everyone.