Antony Jude

This nominee withdrew his candidacy on 9 February 2016.

Nominee Details

Title Mr
Name Antony Jude
Position Vice President - Network Services
Organization Bell Teleservices India Private Limited
Economy of Residence India
Biographical info

20 Years of extensive Internet Services work knowledge in India's Rural and Urban parts. I started my career with Technical Operations of Internet Services and handled the profiles of Network Operations, Network Planning, Hardware Optimisation, Bandwidth Planning and Management and IP Management.

Had worked with the Pioneers of India?s Internet business like WIPRO & Sify Technologies and experienced the challenges of completed Internet Operations. Had been with Sify for 11 Years and implemented several complicated projects on last mile connectivity which was the key to reach out Internet in every rural part of the country.

Having an aspiration of contributing to the society of making internet available to everyone which is the only way we can make a socio economic change in the world.

Nominated by Bell Teleservices India Private Limited
Motivation for nomination

To contribute my knowledge gained through various forum and from the practical 20 years of ISP experience to the society through APNIC. Also to implement the vision of Internet to everyone irrespective of geography and the economy.