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Jessica Shen

Nominee details

Name:Jessica Shen
Position:Director of IP Operations
Organization:China Internet Information Center (CNNIC)
Biographical info:Jessica Shen has been working in the Internet industry for more than 10 years. She currently holds the position of Director of IP Operations at CNNIC and serves as NIR (National Internet Registry) SIG Co-chair (second term) of APNIC.

With extensive experiences in IP operations, Jessica is in charge of IP service, policy, system construction and business development at CNNIC. Under her leadership, CNNIC has more than 600 IP members at the moment, covering various industries such as Internet &information, manufacturing, retail, education and healthcare etc. CNNIC IP Alliance keeps good relationships with industrial insiders and relevant government departments. It has become an efficient platform to facilitate the management and the usage of IP addresses in China. Jessica has dedicated to the IPv6 promotion. Under her efforts, the majority of IP members have obtained IPv6 addresses for technical verification. These members, such as Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba, have done the deployment of IPv6. In addition, she participated in some national IPv6 projects, such as IPv6 upgrade of domain name system, part of the China Next Generation of Internet projects, which helps dozens of registrars and ISPs to upgrade their DNS system to support IPv6.

Within China Internet community, she established close connections with local operators, Internet service providers and relevant corporations. She made great endeavors to support local corporations for IP service. She attended many influential IT conferences and delivered presentations to introduce IP policies of Asia Pacific region and up-to-date IP allocation status and future trends. Relevant guidance of IP planning/application/usage was provided by Jessica to the local corporations. She also actively involved in seminars featuring new IP related technologies, including cloud computing, Internet of Things and SDN. In addition, by cooperating with APNIC and local research organizations, Jessica has provided IPv6 trainings for thousand of local engineers.

Jessica is keen to participate in the Asia Pacific Internet Community. She’s always paying high attention to the latest IP address policies and technology trends in the Asia Pacific region and the globe. As a volunteer, Jessica serves as NIR SIG Co-chair since 2011. She has been actively attending APNIC meetings, presenting updated IP allocation and industry development status in China and CNNIC and exchanging information and experiences with participants from other communities.
Nominated by:China Internet Information Center (CNNIC)
Motivation for nomination:Jessica Shen is an expert in IP operations and has good understanding of IP policy, NIR operations and IPv6 promotion. She made her irreplaceable efforts for CNNIC’s IP business strategies and implementation. With an insight into the ever changing policies, technologies and market demands, she helped CNNIC to be more flexible in its operation. Her contributions on helping the community members to get more IP related information, experiences and cooperation chances were also laudable. From her proven experiences and excellent coordination capability, I am sure she will make a great contribution to the APNIC community as the EC role.
Nominee's Statement:I'm honored to be the candidate for the EC members. I am familiar with China and APNIC communities, and have the strong willingness to get more involved. I believe I can help to enhance the APNIC's operation, act as the good bridge between APNIC and China communities, and promote cooperation among different communities. I hope APNIC members will support me so that I can make the contribution to build a more vigorous Asia Pacific Internet community.