When: 9:00 - 12:30, Tuesday 25 August 2009
Where: Beijing, China


Location: Drawing Room II

In this tutorial participants will have the opportunity to discuss the issues and consider the problems and solutions involved in actually deploying IPv6 in an operational ISP environment.

The processes of planning, building, configuring and securing an IPv6 network will be covered with emphasis on the deployment of IPv6 capable infrastructure services (DNS, HTTP, DHCPv6) and the establishment of IPv6 connectivity to the global IPv6 network. As well, user/client accessibility will be considered and application compatibility and compliance looked at.

Security and Forensics

Location: Grand Saloon III

This tutorial looks at the nature of network attacks and the motivation that drives these malicious online activities. In particular, the characteristics, structure and operation of bots and botnets will be examined.

This tutorial will be co-delivered by the APNIC Training team together with a guest presenter associated with specialized Internet security research organization, Team Cymru.

In order then to mitigate against such attacks, the use of network forensics as a means of understanding network events and identifying anomalous activity will be considered.

This tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of botnet operation or network forensics.