Meeting Report

Thank you to everyone who contributed to APNIC 28.

The preliminary event participation statistics are:

Total number of onsite delegates: 272
Economies represented: 25
Participants in remote venues
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Web-based online participation options included a choice of video, audio and text chat. Participation figures for online remote delegates based on unique IP address were:

Online remote participatants 288


During the APNIC Member Meeting (AMM) in Beijing on Friday, 28 August 2009, the following candidate was elected to the NRO NC.
  • Dr Kenny Huang
Elections were held for NIR SIG Chair positions

  • Izumi Okutani
NIR SIG Co-chair
  • Wei Zhao
An election was held for Policy SIG Co-Chair

Policy SIG Co-chair
  • Terence Zhang
Congratulations to the successful candidates:

Election details are available on this site

Policy SIG

Seven policy proposals were discussed.

The following proposals reached consensus:
  • prop-050: IPv4 address transfers
  • prop-073: Simplifying allocation/assignment of IPv6 to APNIC members with existing IPv4 addresses
  • prop-074: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Policy for Allocation of ASN Blocks (ASNs) to Regional Internet Registries
  • prop-075: Ensuring efficient use of historical AS numbers
The following proposal was returned to the mailing list for further discussion:
  • prop-076: Requiring aggregation for IPv6 subsequent allocations
The following proposals were returned to their authors for further consideration:
  • prop-077: Proposal to supplement transfer policy of historical IPv4 addresses
  • prop-078: Reserving /10 IPv4 address space to facilitate IPv6 deployment
For details see the APNIC Policy proposals page

MoU Signed

APNIC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the following organization:

Meeting sponsors

APNIC offers its deepest thanks to the sponsors of APNIC 28, whose invaluable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a meeting program of a very high standard.

Upcoming APNIC meetings

1-5 March 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(with APRICOT 2010)

Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok
23-27 August 2010
Bangkok, Thailand