IPv6 Program launch

Representing APNIC's IPv6 stance

  • Global IPv6 Summit in China
  • Global IPv6 Summit in Korea
  • Global IPv6 Summit in Taiwan
  • Philippine IPv6 Summit
  • Australian IPv6 Summit
  • Thailand IPv6 Summit

Collaborating with the community

  • MoU with Taskforce on IPv4 Address
  • Exhaustion in Japan
  • Participate in the Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force

APNIC introduced a new initiative, the IPv6 Program, in August 2008 as part of our response to the community's requests for assistance in transitioning smoothly to IPv6.

APNIC acknowledges the adoption of IPv6 as the optimal future outcome for the Internet. We recommend network operators and service providers begin planning for this transition as soon as practically possible so they are able to provide IPv6 support and IPv6 services by 2010.

APNIC is uniquely placed to facilitate information sharing and education across the Asia Pacific. The objectives of the IPv6 Program are to:

  • Gather empirical data about IPv4 unallocated address space exhaustion and IPv6 transition
  • Monitor technical developments in relation to methods to cope with IPv4 unallocated address space exhaustion and IPv6 transition
  • Research the best practices with regard to IPv6 transition mechanisms and technologies
  • Distribute reports that address the information requirements of each stakeholder within the Asia Pacific Internet community
  • Collaborate with national and regional organizations through strategic alliances that can help bring our messages to the community

The IPv6 Program supports the community through various outreach activities and the distribution of practical information customized for a variety of stakeholders, such as ISPs, content providers, enterprises, vendors, end users, and governments and regulators.

APNIC also provides an IPv6 Program wiki, where community members are able to share information, monitor technical developments, take part in deployment surveys, or see the results of quantitative and qualitative analyses of IPv6 deployment progress.

The wiki also provides a forum where the community can exchange their IPv6 implementation experiences, ask questions, or discuss issues and collaborate to find solutions to technical or other challenges.

Alliances with other IPv6-related organizations provide an opportunity for APNIC to present its views on IPv6 transition and to support each other's activities through effective information exchange.

The program also initiates small-scale regional meetings to deliver customized information to different stakeholders by collaborating with local leaders. Miwa Fujii is APNIC's IPv6 Program Manager.