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Summary of decisions from 12th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Formal voting items from APNIC Member Meeting

  • Revised membership Structure

    • New structure approved (100 yes; 82 no)
    • Now incorporated into the "APNICFee Schedule: Membership Tiers, Fees, and Descriptions"
    • Request made to develop new names for the categories.

Consensus items arising from SIGs

Address policy SIG
  • Broadband WG proposal for APNIC cable and xDSL policies and guidelines

    • (The element of this proposal relating to clarification of registration requirements, was also discussed in the Joint Routing/DB SIG)
    • The proposal was accepted by consensus
    • Note, during the APNIC Member Meeting, the proposed registration threshold of /30 was approved by consensus, but a counter-proposal to increase the threshold to /28 was referred back to the Address policy SIG for discussion at the next meeting.
Joint IPv6 / Address policy SIG
  • Proposal for new IPv6 Address policy

    • There was consensus for the general principles proposed, but it was agreed that specific details such as minimum allocation size need to be discussed further. Furthermore, it was agreed that this proposal be developed further and communicated to other RIR meetings.

Other items

Address Council Election

Dr Kenny S. Huang was elected as the new Asia Pacific region Address Council representative.

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