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12th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

BOF: Training

Wednesday 29 August 2001, Grand Hotel, Taipei

Meeting commenced: 18:20

Chair: Champika Wijayatunga

The Chair introduced the BOF and explained the agenda.


  1. Training BOF
  2. Champika Wijayatunga, APNIC

    This presentation outlined the contents of APNIC's current training and seminar program and requested comment on how it could be improved. It was explained that training costs are greater for non-member participants but kept to a minimum for APNIC members. It was noted that translations of the Chinese training course are available and support to provide translation into other languages is encouraged.

    Questions and discussion

    There was a question about how APNIC related to other AP Internet bodies, in particular, ccTLDs. It was explained that because APNIC is not involved in domain name registration, it does not offer DNS training, but does encourage participants in other Internet fields in the AP region to learn more about IP addressing.

    It was stated that online training resources would be valuable for people who find it hard to travel to training venues. It was also noted that narration would be valuable on the online training.

    There was discussion about the training that took place in New Zealand due to the coup in Fiji. Attendance at that meeting was lower than usual and it was suggested that it is a problem for members in small islands to travel to overseas training venues because seats on planes are limited.

    It was stated that more emphasis should be given to IPv6 training.

    It was suggested that training should take place over two days.

    It was suggested that training should be held in a country twice each year. It was explained that APNIC targets training in countries with the most members and ISPs so the training is reasonably well attended.

    It was suggested that new members needed some information about the APNIC Open Policy Meeting. It was suggested that more conspicuous maps be placed around the venue in future.

    It was noted that practical training would be useful, but that during a one-day training schedule, there is no time to allow for this. Also, the lack of wireless LANs in training venues adds to the difficulty of hands-on training.

    There was discussion about the possibility of developing exercises that demonstrate an example of each training issue.

    It was noted that it had been difficult to find the relevant presentation in the presentation book at the meeting. A table of contents and/or index should be included next meeting.

    It was suggested that training in French would be useful to a number of Pacific Island members.

Meeting closed: 18:56

Minuted by: Sam Dickinson

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