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Special Interest Group (SIG) Elections 2024 - ABOUT

About SIG Elections

Upcoming elections at APNIC 58

The APNIC 58 Conference will include the community elections for Co-Chair/s positions for Policy, National Internet Registry (NIR), Cooperation, and Routing Security SIGs.

Any individual residing within the Asia Pacific region may be nominated, with the exception of staff members of any Regional Internet Registry (RIR). Self-nominations are permitted.

What is a Special Interest Group (SIG) and why be elected?

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are formed with a focus on a particular subject area. SIGs provide an open public forum to discuss topics of interest to APNIC and the Internet community in the Asia Pacific region. SIG forums are held at APNIC Conferences, which are held twice per year. SIGs are chaired by elected members of the community with relevant knowledge, experience, and expertise.

A SIG consists of a Chair and one or two Co-Chairs, elected by the APNIC Internet community. SIG Chairs and Co-Chairs perform a vital role in managing the SIGs. The effectiveness of a SIG is dependent on the active participation of the Chair and the Co-Chair. All SIG Chairs and Co-Chairs undertake their work on a volunteer basis.

SIG Chair and Co-Chairs serve a two-year term. Elections occur yearly at APNIC standalone conference. Chair elections and Co-Chair elections occur in alternate years.

Visit a SIG, links above, to see the current serving Chair and Co-Chair/s.

Duties of SIG Chair and Co-Chair/s

When SIG Chairs and Co-Chairs attend an APNIC Conference, and a forum is held for the SIG, they are expected to attend that forum. SIG Chairs and Co-Chairs must remain subscribed to the SIG’s mailing list for the duration of their term.

Some of the responsibilities includes:

  • Responsible for facilitating discussions at the SIG, with respect to bottom-up and inclusive spirit, so that SIG participants are comfortable to express their opinions.
  • To accommodate all newly expressed opinions, relevant to the discussions topics at the SIG to be heard.
  • Before making a consensus decision at the SIG forum, explain to the participants what the question is or decision to be made, and open the floor for the participants to express their opinions.
  • To consider all opinions expressed in a balanced manner, before making the consensus decision.
  • The consensus decision must be shared with the SIG participants. When reporting to the AGM/AMM about consensus decisions at the SIG, information should be consistent with what was shared with the SIG participants.

Read more about the SIG Chair and Co-Chair/s roles and responsibilities.