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Bikram Shrestha

Nominee details

Bikram Shrestha
Head of Digital Banking
Sanima Bank Ltd., Nepal

Achie Atienza

Biographical info


Mr. Bikram has completed his Master of Business Studies from Thakur Ram Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2004 and Education Thesis-: e-Commerce in Commercial Bank of Nepal, (A Case study of Himalayan Bank Limited and Bank of Kathmandu Limited.)

Experience and involvement in APNIC activities

I am the current serving as the co-chair of Cooperation SIG. This was my second term.

Besides, I have been continuously serving the community for the last two decades and In APNIC activities from APNIC45 to APNIC54 continue supporting and contributing in every meeting.

I am the founder president of Nepal Internet Foundation, Vice Chair of NPOC – ICANN and professionally working as Head Digital Banking at Sanima Bank, Nepal. I can help to achieve the objective of cooperation SIG by my potential, using experience, my regional and global network and my energy. My experience comes from working with different stakeholders, including the private sector, the government, civil society, international organizations and academia will be the added advantage to bring cooperation SIG to a new height. I believe my technical and managerial skills, knowledge and background will add a good combination for understanding the challenges of the cooperation SIG from a holistic point of view.

Nominee statement

“Think Global, Act Local”, will be my main motto as co-chair in days to come. If re-elected, I will continue bringing in a unique perspective from the local, regional and global, enhancing cooperation SIG diversity from all aspects in relation to the distribution of Internet awareness, capacity building and Internet challenges.

While the issues facing the Internet are common across much of the world, its impact varies and at times more concerning in the under-developed and developing world is bigger.

I can use my experience to help cooperation- SIG to closely work with the APNIC community and with other multi-stockholders, governments, non-governments, and cooperation helping policy makers and decision makers to understand the value of an Internet open to all.

Security and privacy are and will be very important challenges for the present and future of the Internet. While different technical solutions may be developed, the biggest challenge in developing economies is how to make these issues considered as a higher priority in the policy agenda.

If I am re-elected as a co-chair of Cooperation SIG- APNIC. I will strive to improve its visibility into the challenges facing the million Internet users of the APAC region. I am accepting my nomination for co-chair of Cooperation SIG for the coming years.

Nominated by

BDCOM Online Ltd.
Reason for nomination

I am pleased to nominate Mr. Bikram Shrestha to serve another term as the Co-chair of Cooperation SIG, APNIC. After working with Bikram for the past years in different capacities. I can say that Bikram has contributed substantially to our community and has demonstrated his commitment to the Internet mission. I strongly believe his knowledge and experience would serve better for our region.

Bikram has more than 2 decades of experience in the ICT industries. He is the President of Nepal Internet Foundation, Vice Chair of the Nepal Internet Governance Forum and Co-Chair of NPOC at ICANN. Bikram established a start-up ISP when he was just 19 years and has been dedicated to the community since then. As a day job, he is working as the Head of Digital Banking at Sanima Bank Ltd., Nepal.

Bikram has been contributing to the growth of the ICT sector in Nepal through building Internet Infrastructure, various policy advocacy, and capacity building programs. First Nepal IGF and npSIG were successful programs that were conducted under his leadership. He has been closely working with various national, regional, and global organizations including Nepal Jaycees, ITSERT-NP, npNOG, CAN Federation at the National level, and ISOC, SANOG, APRALO, ICANN, APSIG, APrIGF, APRICOT, and IGF at the regional and global level. He also served as a Jury member of the ICT Award Nepal and mBillionth Award 2017, organized by Living with ICT and Digital Empower Foundation.

Bikram energizes himself by engaging in music and traveling to new destinations. He has released two music albums as a singer and composer.

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