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Anupam Agrawal

Nominee details

Anupam Agrawal
India Internet Foundation

Anupam Agrawal

Biographical info

  • Chartered Accountant from ICAI
  • Fellow European Summer School on Internet Governance
  • Chevening Fellow on Cyber Security
  • Convener – AG 10 (Outreach) in ISO/IEC JTC 1 on ICT Standardisation
  • Member INSIG Core Committee
  • Member India IGF Core Committee
Experience and involvement in APNIC activities
  1. Member APNIC Working Group on Policy Development Review. Submitted policy proposals jointly which have reached consensus.
  2. Past Chair of Internet Society Kolkata Chapter which worked with APNIC on IPv6 capacity development in the local region over last 10 years.
  3. Chair of India Internet Foundation (IIFON) – a not for profit organization working on critical Internet Infrastructure and Internet measurements. IIFON supports Community IX namely Kolkata IX, hosts root server instances and is working on Internet Measurements. This has provided the understanding for synergies and efficiencies required for management of Internet number resources. IIFON is having an MoU with APNIC for collaboration on capacity development.
  4. Senior Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services in Corporate Industry Forums & Standards Cell. Engaged with ICT Standardization communities globally through different SDOs.

Nominee statement

APNIC has a large spectrum to manage with multitude of economies covering under its operational charter and they are motivated to come to APNIC for internet Number resources and services as well as to volunteer. My objective is to work with the APNIC policy champion program so that individuals and APNIC members are motivated to come to Policy SIG for increased participation and to volunteer for possible improvement plans.

Additionally, my objectives are to work with Chair of the policy SIG to comprehensively look at the SIG participation levels and inspire people to express their thoughts and beliefs in Policy SIG mailing list and interactive sessions.

If elected, I commit to the following:

  1. Promote and empower the next generation of technical experts by encouraging them to participate in APNIC policy champion program from different economies.
  2. Improve the Policy SIG by increasing diversity and awareness of Internet Number Resource issues, encouraging communication and engagement across different geographies and economies.
  3. Review and suggest improvements in the APNIC policy development process and consensus management framework.

Nominated by

Internet Society Kolkata Chapter
Reason for nomination

Anupam Agrawal is engaged with different Internet communities including academia, policy, and standards development organizations. His knowledge and expertise on management of organizational processes will benefit the policy SIG to effectively deal policy recommendations. His experience of critical internet infrastructure management like IX and root server instances over a decade allows him to have a nuanced understanding of utilization and deployment of Internet resources. Overall, his human network will allow to drive the consensus in APNIC policy SIG aided by thorough understanding of implications of the discussions and directions in APNIC.

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