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21 February – 3 March 2022

Gaurav Kansal

Nominee details

Gaurav Kansal
National Knowledge Network


Biographical info

  • Bachelor in Information Technology, BIET Jhansi, India - 2008 DNS and IPv6 consultant
  • Multiple Network and Security level certification including Juniper's, CWNP and Cisco's
Relevant Board Experience
  • Technical Advisor for the network infra-architecture in the President of India’s official residence Rashtrapati Bhawan
  • Worked closely with Top Policy makers in India, including Ministers and bureaucrats for matters related to ICT
  • Technical Head of pan-India WiFi Service Operations, spanning across 6000+ Kilometres across the length and breadth of India.
  • Technical Head of National Level Cyber Security Operations Centre
Senior Management Experience:
  • Technology Advisor to various Government Ministries and Departments
  • Technology Advisor to the Indian Parliament
  • Chief Technical architect of the International Research and Education Network (REN) interlinking with India’s National REN.
  • Lead Investigator and Manager of National Level Research and Development (R&D) Projects
  • Chief Architect and Advisory member of India’s National Public DNS Service

Nominee statement

I have more than a decade of experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) domain, especially in the areas of network, security, internet and e-governance. I have played a key role in fostering the internet penetration and adoption across India, through the National Knowledge Network (NKN), a pan-India gigabit information highway which was rolled out in 2010. NKN heralded an ICT revolution in India by delivering gigabit level bandwidth in every nook and corner of India, connecting over 1600+ education and research institutes. Apart from connecting all states and districts of India to this gigabit information highway (i.e., NKN), I also played a crucial role in connecting NKN with the Europe, South East Asia, Singapore. I have been involved in many key policy decisions and paved way for shaping crucial policy decisions with respect to ICT, Network, internet and cyber security.

I do believe in an equitable access and distribution of resources both from an Information resource and from a physical resource perspective. I have championed the cause of bridging the gap in the digital inclusion in the Indian sub-continent, as a result of which NKN is now surging ahead towards connecting the schools and other educational institutions at the village level during the upcoming phase 2. I have spear-headed this digital inclusion within the sub-continent, by successfully negotiating various policy hurdles and facilitated the successful linking of NKN with neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Maldives. This has aided in building close collaboration between the academic and research communities between the two countries.

Taking forward this equitable access and distribution of internet resources to APNIC, I would like to champion for the equitable rights to all member countries not just in terms of voting rights/board representation, but also in terms of access to the APNIC resources (i.e., IP addresses). In addition to this, I would also take up the cause for fostering training and mentorship to underdeveloped countries in the APNIC region and aid them in the best possible way to overcome their technological hurdles and pave way for a much broad and deeper internet penetration with free and open access to all. Also, the key policy decisions in the APNIC should be in a broad consultative approach where the voice of every member should be heard and due diligence should be done, while giving consideration to their voices and together create an inclusive policy making process, which is driven by all APNIC members. My core guiding principle would be based on advocating this equitable access to internet which is free and open to all in the APNIC region.

If elected as a EC-Member, I would put by best efforts to upkeep these guiding principles and help other APNIC members in their internet journey.

Nominated by

National Knowledge Network
Reason for nomination

Gaurav Kansal is actively involved in the expansion of Internet in the region and making it more secure for the end user, with the aim of “Connecting the unconnected”. He has an ample experience in Internet Routing, IPv6, Domain Name System, Wireless Networks and Network Security.

He is currently working on the ambitious project of Public DNS Service for Indian IP space which will provide clean pipe service to Indian Users and can help in improving the cyber posture of the country. With his wide experience, he will be able to help the community in making Internet more robust and secure, and make it make user friendly, especially for the non-English speaking ones.

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