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APNIC Product Research

We’d like your feedback on products designed for you!

During the APRICOT 2020 conference, Raquel, Lily, and Dale will be holding product research sessions to hear back from Members and the broader Internet community. As a token of our appreciation, you will also receive a gift for your participation.

This is a chance to talk to us and give direct feedback! It will help us improve our products and services to fit your needs better.

You won’t need to prepare anything before a session — we will be testing our ideas, not you!

ux team - Lily, Dale and Raquel

Book in a session

The sessions will be:

Platform that tracks security incidents

Give your opinion about a platform that detects suspicious activity such as DDoS attacks and potential BGP prefix hijacks.

If you have a good understanding of route hijacking or IP hijacking, please book a time to come talk to us!

Platform to set up route objects and sign ROAs

Chat about a new interface to make the experience of setting up route objects and signing ROAs easier on MyAPNIC.

If you have a good understanding of RPKI concepts such as ROA and ROV, please book a time to come talk to us!

Internet Directory

An activity where you will be shown two different designs for a website. We’ll ask you to try a few things on each one to see which design fits your needs better.

If you are interested in data about Internet resource distribution, please book a time to participate!

APNIC Membership

A chat about your experiences of using MyAPNIC including your challenges as well as features you would like to see in the future.

If your organization is an APNIC Member, please book a time to come talk to us!

APNIC Website

A chat about your experiences with using the APNIC website.

Anyone can take part in this session! Please book a time to talk to us!

If you have any questions, please contact for further details.