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5 - 12 September 2019

Le Meridien Chiang Mai

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In the event of a partial or complete evacuation of a hotel due to fire or other emergency situation, the following procedures apply:

  • Prepare for evacuation upon gearing the fire alarm or being given verbal instructions to evacuate.
  • In a fire use the fire stairwells-never the elevators. Elevators are fine in a non-fire related evacuation.
  • Walk. Do not run. Stay calm.
  • Ensure that fire doors are not blocked open.
  • Assist guests and other associates, including those with disabilities, as needed.
  • Proceed to the designated evacuation assembly areas.
  • Associates have to stay with their departmental colleagues once in the assembly areas so that a head count can be performed.
  • Always place your hand on the back of a door before opening it. If hot, do not open and find an alternate route.
  • If you enter a smoke-filled area, seek another exit route if possible.
  • If you must pass through an area filled with smoke, cover your nose and mouth with a towel or piece of clothing dampened with water if possible. Crawl low along the wall to the nearest exit.
  • If unable to evacuate due to a blocked exit or other barrier, attempt to enter a guest room or other area free from fire and smoke. Immediately call security and advise them of your location.
  • Once in the guest room, fill the bathtub with as much water as possible. Soak towels, sheets etc. and place them in the cracks between the door and the floor. Turn off the heat and air conditioning. Cover the vent. DO NOT try to break glass unless directed by fire department personnel.
  • Immediately report anyone stranded to security, ERT or fire / police personnel.