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5 - 12 September 2019

APNIC SIG Election Nominees

NIR SIG Co-Chair Election Nominees

Zhen Yu - Nominee Statement

Zhen Yu joined China Internet Network Information Center(CNNIC) in 2011. He is currently the IP Operations Manager, responsible for IP service, membership development and conference &training program. He’s been making a lot of efforts to make CNNIC IP Conference more active and become a well-known platform for information exchange, experience sharing and project cooperation among local operators, ISPs and relevant corporations in China. Before joined CNNIC, Zhen Yu had worked for a well-known vendor and an IPv6 solution provider in China for over 10 years, involved in many IPv6 related events and projects.

Zhen Yu has served the community as NIR SIG Co-Chair for two terms (2015 to 2019). He would like to continue to serve the NIR community to enhance experience exchange and cooperation among NIRs.

Swetha Mehta - Nominee Statement

I have been involved in the APAC community since 2000 as technical support and then moved to system support in Singapore, India and New Zealand. I have experience in co-ordinating community discussions and consultations.

I have also been facilitating discussions in the industry at various events, and individually exchange information on regular basis with other technical colleagues in the APAC. I believe good balance and co-ordination is important for this role and I would like to try make contribution to this region and to APNIC conferences. I have read the Co-Chair responsibilities and I am confident to serve the community.