1. Registration Fee Schedule
  2. Payment Information
  3. Walk-in Registrants
  4. Confirmation
  5. Cancellation of Conference
  6. Cancellation Policy
  7. Substitution of Registration
  8. Liability
  9. Event Audio/Video Recording and Photography
  10. Dietary requirements
  11. List of Least Developed Countries
  12. Contact Information

A. Registration Fees and Early Bird discount

Table 1. Workshop and Conference Fee Schedule
Category Workshop Conference
Early bird rate Full rate Full rate If payment cash onsite
in XPF or USD only
APNIC/ LDC APNIC AUD 225 / XPF 17,500 AUD 300 / XPF 23,400 ** FREE ** FREE
Standard AUD 225 / XPF 17,500 AUD 300 / XPF 23,400 AUD 130 / XPF 10,200 USD 100 / XPF 10,500
Least Developed Countries (LDC**) AUD 225 / XPF 17,500 AUD 300 / XPF 23,400 AUD 65 / XPF 5,100 USD 50 / XPF 5,500
Student*** N/A N/A AUD 100 / XPF 7,800 USD 75 / XPF 7,800
Additional social event ticket N/A N/A AUD 70 / XPF 5,500 USD 50 / XPF 5,500

Exchange rate as at 17 January 2018 AUD 1 = XPF 78.11 and USD 1 = XPF 97.27

Each APNIC Member is entitled to register up to four (4) delegates free of charge to the Conference only. The delegates must be staff of the APNIC Member.

** The list of LDCs is as listed on the United Nations Website within the Asia Pacific region. See item K for the list.

*** Student ID will need to be presented when checking in.

The fee charged includes entry to all official social events.

Early bird date finishes on Friday, 3 August 2018.

Table 2. Social Events Fees
Socials Opening Social Women in ICT event Closing Dinner
Date 11 September 2018 12 September 2018 13 September 2018
Fee Free Free Free
Additional Ticket Fee AUD 70 N/A AUD 70

For registration inquiries, please contact conference-registration@apnic.net. Credit card and wire transfers will be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Early Bird Promotion

Register by 3 August 2018 to receive the early bird discount of 25% off your registration fees.

B. Payment Information

Online payments for APNIC 46 will be processed through the Westpac Bank in AUD. You can also pay by wire transfer in AUD to the following bank account:

Bank Name: Westpac Banking Corporation
Bank Address: 89-91 Boundary Street, West End Qld 4101, AUSTRALIA
Account Type: AUD
BSB/Account number: 034 013 / 366277
Account name: APNIC Pty Ltd
Swift code: WPACAU2S

Registrants must include the payment reference number (from the invoice generated by the registration system) when sending the wire transfer in order for the payment to be credited properly. An email with details of the wire transfer should also be sent to conference-registration@apnic.net stating your payment reference number, remittance number, wire transfer amount, name, organization and contact details (postal and email address, telephone, and fax numbers).

Online Registration

It is highly recommended that you register online to secure your attendance well in advance of the conference start date. Early registration will facilitate in the planning of the conference. Delegates who have difficulties in making the online registration payment should contact the events team at conference-registration@apnic.net to arrange an alternative payment method.

On-site Payment

On-site payments can be made at the registration counter when you arrive at the conference. Payments are accepted in cash in XPF or USD only, as outlined in the Registration Fees. On-site conference payment can be made from 10 September 2018. It is recommended that you prepare the exact amount for payment.

C. Walk-in Registrants

Walk-in registrants are NOT allowed for the workshops but are allowed for the conference. Only cash payments in XPF or USD are accepted and the full amount must be paid at the registration counter.

D. Confirmation

A confirmation letter will be sent to you by email after completing the online registration form. Please keep it for your reference.

E. Cancellation of Conference

If, for any reason the conference is cancelled, the APNIC 46 Conference Secretariat will refund in full, all registration fees received. APNIC and other entities, including but not limited to local organizers and supporting organizations of the event, will NOT be liable for any losses or damage suffered or incurred by the registrant or any other third party arising out of, or in any way connected with, the cancellation of the conference. Such losses or damage include, but are not limited to, loss of airfare, accommodation deposits or other associated costs or loss or damage to property.

F. Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Date Cancellation Fees
Before 29 June 2018 0%
30 June – 5 August 2018 50% of paid amount*
6 August 2018 onwards 100% of paid amount*

* For refunds via wire transfer or credit card, an AUD 50 fee will be levied to cover bank administrative charges. The refund process may take up to 3 months to complete.

G. Substitution of Registration

If you are unable to attend the workshop and/or conference, you may substitute another person. Simply inform us at conference-registration@apnic.net and mention your order number and the new contact details of the substitute registration. We will liaise with the new registrant directly.

H. Liability

If you are unable to attend the conference for any reason other than cancellation of the conference, APNIC and other entities including but not limited to, local organizers, the host and supporting organizations of the event, will not be liable for any resulting losses, financial or otherwise. To the extent permitted by law, APNIC has or have no liability whatsoever for any loss (including consequential loss), damage, expense, claim or proceeding in respect of:

  1. Damage to, loss, destruction or loss of use of any real or personal property;
  2. Any injury to, disease or death of, persons; or
  3. Pure economic loss suffered by third parties, in respect of any act or omission, negligent, wilful or otherwise, arising out of or in any way connected with the conference.


The registrant indemnifies APNIC against:

  1. Any claim or proceeding that is made, threatened or commenced against APNIC; and
  2. Any direct or indirect cost, liability, loss (including consequential loss), damage or expense (including legal and other professional costs on a full indemnity basis) incurred by or awarded against APNIC from a claim or proceeding commenced by the registrant, the registrant's estate or a third party on behalf of the registrant arising in any way or in connection with the conference.

I. Event audio/video recording, photography and live transcript

During the workshops, conferences and meetings, photographs may be taken by the host/organizer for use in their publications or other promotional material. In addition, many sessions are subject to video and audio recording for webcasting and archival purposes. By attending the sessions, you agree to allow APNIC and other entities including but not limited to, local organizers, hosts, co-hosts and supporting organizations, the unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, reuse, publish, and republish video and/or audio recordings, photographs, presentations or pictures of you or those in which you may be included. Also, live transcript services will be provided in some sessions. Due to the inherent difficulties in capturing a live speaker's words, it is possible transcripts may contain errors and mistranslations. Lloyd Michaux and APNIC accept no liability for any event or action resulting from the content of the transcripts.

J. Dietary requirements

While APNIC works hard to cater to all dietary requirements and tastes, in some locations and venues it is not possible to meet all requests. In particular, delegates should note there are very few halal restaurants in Noumea and most hotels, including the APNIC 46 conference venue, cannot provide halal meat dishes.

K. List of Least Developed Countries in the Asia Pacific Region


L. Contact Information

APNIC Pty Ltd (Secretariat for APNIC 46)

6 Cordelia Street
South Brisbane Qld
T: +61 7 3858 3100
F: +61 7 3858 3199
W: www.apnic.net
E: conference-registration@apnic.net