APNIC Fellowship Committee

The Fellowships Committee (FC) is responsible for reviewing and selecting applicants to be eligible to receive fellowships to APNIC Conference.

Listed below are the Committee Members for APNIC 46 Professional and Youth fellowship categories.

  • Andirauga Nongkas, Papua New Guinea
  • Elly Tawhai, APNIC
  • Jessica Wei, APNIC
  • Krishna Pokhrel, Nepal
  • Laurent Muchamad, New Caledonia
  • Md. abdullah Al Naser, Bangladesh
  • Peldon Peldon, Bhutan
  • Sein Ma Ma, Myanmar
  • Shabnil Sami, Fiji
  • Sunny Chendi, APNIC
  • Thilina Pathirana, Sri Lanka
  • Zolzaya Shagdar, Mongolia