7 - 14 September 2017

Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors and everyone else who contributed to APNIC 44. The APNIC 44 meeting report is now available.

We look forward to seeing you at APRICOT 2018.

keynote speakers

Anand Oswal Photo

Anand Oswal

Anand leads a global team of engineers that are responsible for building the complete set of platforms and solutions for the Cisco Enterprise Networking portfolio. The portfolio spans enterprise products across routing, access switching, IOT connectivity, wireless and network/cloud services deployed at customers worldwide.

In his keynote presentation, Anand will share how Cisco built an IPv6 ‘campus of the future’ in just under three months for 500 staff, turning their building into a live experiment on managing an IPv6 transition.
Geoff Huston Photo

Geoff Huston

Geoff Huston is the Chief Scientist at APNIC, where he undertakes research on topics associated with Internet infrastructure, IP technologies, and address distribution policies.

Recognized as one of the world’s preeminent Internet researchers, Geoff’s work on IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6, BGP and DNS topics has been widely referenced in the Internet industry, by international agencies and the media. He is an inductee to the Internet Hall of Fame.

Geoff’s keynote presentation is entitled ‘Re-engineering the DNS - one resolver at a time’.


APNIC 44 provides a valuable opportunity to contribute to discussions about Internet operations, technologies and development.

The event brings together Internet engineers and networking experts, government representatives, Internet business leaders, and other interested parties from around the world to learn from training workshops and tutorials, attend technical presentations, discuss policies, and extend social and professional networks with like-minded peers.

The conference is proudly hosted by TWNIC and Taichung City Government.

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