IPv6: Does it work for you?


Ready, set, go IPv6!

Miwa Fujii and George Michaelson, APNIC

Experience what it's like to use IPv6 on your laptop, listen to the outcomes from previous IPv6 experiments around the world and learn about IPv6 on the APNIC network

IPv6 at Google

Erik Kline, Google

Panel discussion: How much v6 is really out there?

Geoff Huston, APNIC
Martin J Levy, Hurricane Electric
Nathan Ward

In 2007, the APNIC community resolved to promote IPv6 adoption. But how can we assess the rate of IPv6 adoption? This panel looks at how much IPv6 is appearing in the real world.

IPv6 in New Zealand

Nathan Ward

IPv6 transition: perspectives from Japan

Izumi Okutani, JPNIC

Prefix-specific and stateless address mapping (IVI) for IPv4/IPv6 coexistence and transition


From IPv4 only to v4/v6 dual stack

Tomoya Yoshida, NTT