Operational IPv6 - Planning and implementing an IPv6 deployment

In this tutorial, the participants are given the opportunity to discuss the issues and consider the problems and solutions involved in deploying IPv6 in an ISP operational environment.

The tutorial covers the processes of planning, building, and configuring an IPv6 network, including the deployment of IPv6-capable infrastructure services and establishing connectivity to the global IPv6 network.

While ISPs may not necessarily be content providers, making content available to users via IPv6 will be a crucial factor in making any IPv6 deployment meaningful on an operational and production level. Therefore, this aspect will also be examined.

The tutorial will also review IPv6 security, the current status of IPv6 deployment, and related APNIC policies.

The tutorial will include a deployment rollout demonstration to give participants a clearer picture of the requirements to move forward with IPv6 deployment plans.

Who should attend?

Network engineers, managers, and anyone interested in IPv6 deployment.

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