ICANN consultation: Improving Institutional Confidence (IIC)

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Why participate?

More than two years ago, the ICANN President's Strategy Committee (PSC) began consultations on how to strengthen and complete the ICANN multistakeholder model. In addition, the recent Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the United States Department of Commerce and ICANN produced useful comments about ICANN's performance and future. This session continues the consultation process.

Come to this session to learn about the IIC consultation and to be a part of the consultation process.

In attendance from ICANN will be:

  • Save Vocea, Regional Relations Manager for Asia Pacific, ICANN
  • Marilyn Cade, President's Strategy Committee member
  • Donna Austin, Manager of Governmental Relations, ICANN

The President’s Strategy Committee has provided the following three documents to launch a discussion with the community PSC about how to complete the transition of the organization after the conclusion of the Joint Project Agreement. The documents are:

For more information, see Improving Institutional Confidence Consultation.


Presentation Presenter
Improving Institutional Confidence Paul Twomey and Marilyn Cade

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