Internet governance hui


The transcript for this session is now available.

Why participate?

If you have ever used the Internet, you are a stakeholder in Internet governance. And in 2008, global Internet governance discussions come to the Asia Pacific. In December this year, the third annual Internet Governance Forum will be held in Hyderabad, India.

Come to this session to:

  • Hear about the key Internet Governance issues in the Asia Pacific
  • Share your opinions
  • Learn how you can be involved in shaping the future of the Internet

The second half of the Internet governance hui is dedicated to "Challenges facing Internet operators in developing countries". In this half of the hui, the speakers will discuss:

  • Challenges facing Internet operators in developing countries
  • How the Internet community, together with business, civil society, and government can work to overcome the challenges
  • Examples of providing Internet access in difficult circumstances


Internet governance in New Zealand
Frank March, New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development
ISOC perspectives on Internet governance
Rajnesh Singh, ISOC
Internet Governance Forum 2008
Role of the Multistakeholder Advisory Group in developing IGF program
Raul Echeberria, IGF MAG
Overview of IGF 2008
Tulika Pandey, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, India
Panel discussion: Challenges facing Internet operators in developing countries
DUMBO: an example of ICT research in action
Kanchana Kanchanasut
Pacific Island Countries
Fred Christopher, PITA
Wireless Access and Resources
Sylvia Cadena, ISIF
  • Video (82.1 MB / 10 mins)
  • Audio (11.9 MB / 10 mins)
Internet Governance & the ccTLD Community in the Pacific
Don Hollander, APTLD
Internet Governance Hui
Paul Wilson, APNIC