SANOG Plenary

When: Wednesday 6 September, 9:30 - 11:00

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Peering and network design in the 10g global world

Vijay Gill, Google

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Vijay Gill is Google's Network Engineering Manager. He is responsible for network design, operation, expansion and data centre network infrastructure. He also participates in various industry organisations and works to advance Google's efforts in the standards arena. Vijay advises the IETF GROW working group and has co-authored a variety of RFCs on traffic engineering, multihoming, and routing. He has also delivered presentations on network design, BGP scaling issues, and traffic engineering in forums such as NANOG and IETF.

Prior to joining Google, Vijay worked as Senior Technical Manager - Architecture, for AOL Global Network Operations. He was responsible for setting the technical direction and strategy for AOL Global Network Operations. Prior to working with AOL, Vijay was Architecture Manager at MFN/Abovenet, where he participated in revamping the global backbone, standardising routing policy and product development. Earlier in his career, Vijay worked as a senior engineer at UUNET, participating in the MPLS and multicast engineering projects.

In his presentation, Vijay will talk about his extensive experience building one of the largest networks in the US. He will also discuss the new challenges he faces, building new networks to deliver large volumes of content.

The architecture of the Internet as critical national infrastructure

Kurt Lindqvist, Netnod

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Kurt Erik Lindqvist is a long-time Internet engineer. He was involved in creating one of the first online games. Kurt has spent much of his career building networks and supporting infrastructure, often from scratch. He helped to establish the first ISP on the Aland Islands (1994-1996), and merging it with its competitor (1996). He spent 1997-2000 building EUnet International's (later KPNQwest) Swedish network, before moving to KPNQwest to work for the office of the CTO, where he planned and researched network architecture. Kurt is currently CEO for Netnod/Autnomica, which operates Internet Exchange Points in Sweden, as well as one of the DNS root servers.

Kurt has a long history with international Internet organisations such as RIPE and the IETF. He is currently a member of the Internet Architecture Board, and co-chair of IETF shim6 WG, v6ops WG and the chair of the RIPE NCC Services WG. He also chairs the IETF Administrative Support Activity.

In his presentation Kurt will discuss his extensive involvement in running and testing critical Internet architectures as national infrastructure.