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Routing SIG Chair nominee

Name: Tomoya Yoshida, NTT Communications


As a position of leading a routing community of Japan, I have developed activities positively and have also carried out some proposals and presentations in th past APNIC meetings.

From now on, I would like to extend the activities described above to the further development of the routing community of the entire Asia-Pacific region by taking the position of the co-chair of the routing SIG.

Tomoya Yoshida is a ISP backbone design engineer of OCN at NTT Communications, the biggest ISP in Japan.

After graduating from the department of information engineering of a university, he started his career of Internet routing with NTT Coroporation, currently NTT Communications Coroporation. He was in charge of Internet backbone operation and peering coordination at OCN, then one year later he launched the IRR(Internet Routing Registry) service at NTT in 1999(currently merged to the Verio Routing Registry). Since year 2000, he added new focus, development of the whole Internet, especially routing area and IP address management, in addition to various other operational activities.

He is one of the start-up members of the JPNIC IRR Planning Team in 2001. Also he contributed launch of the APNIC IRR as well as launch of production service of the JPNIC IRR. Currently he is the chair of the team. Also, he is the chair of JPNIC IP Address Committee since last year, so he contributes both routing community and address community.

He also has been the core member of the NOC team of the Interop Tokyo since year 2000.

In addition to contribution to the routing and the internet resource manamgement areas, he has been contributing to the routing security area by serving as the nsp-security-jp moderator in Japan since 2004. He is also the founder of IRS (Inter-domain Routing Security) Workshop, that was created for sharing inter-domain security- related information between ISPs.

In conclusion, he is actively engaged in routing area such as routing itself including designing the present Internet backbone, Internet resource management, and routing security.

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