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BoF (Birds of a Feather)

PGP key signing BoF

Tuesday 27 February 2007, 18:00-19:00

Chair: George Michaelson

To participate in this key signing party:

  1. Go to the following page: http://www.biglumber.com/x/web?ev=86267
  2. and add your PGP public key to the ring in ascii-armored form.


    Consult your PGP software's documentation to find out how to generate an ASCII-armoured copy of your public key. With GnuPG you use:

    "gpg -a - --export <your-key-id>".You're looking for a block of ASCII text which begins with the line:


    Before you set off to the APNIC key signing party, remember two things:

  3. Bring photo ID
  4. Key signing is a process of representing trust, so you should be ready to provide proof of your identity to other people. Drivers licences, passports, etc.

    Bring a trusted copy of your PGP key fingerprint.

    This could be achieved by bringing a laptop with a trusted copy of your public key on it, or alternatively you could generate the fingerprint of your public key, write it down and bring it with you.

    The precise procedure we use at the key signing party will depend on how many keys are uploaded in the coming weeks; if there is a small number we can read signatures aloud. If there are more, we may try Len Sassaman's efficient key signing method:



Wednesday 28 February 2007, 18:00-19:00

Chair: Stephen Kent


This BoF will include presentations updating the status of work on the PKI to issue resource certificates (i.e. certificates that attest to the holding of IP address space and autonomous system numbers).

Geoff Huston will deliver a progress update on the PKI development efforts undertaken by the RIRs, concentrating on the aspects of defining the interactions between issuers and subjects to align with resource allocation actions.

Stephen Kent will provide an overview of the Certificate Policy (CP) and Certificate Practice Statement (CPS) Internet Drafts that have been submitted to the SIDR WG of the IETF.

Topic Presenter Presentation *
Resource PKI: Certificate policy and certification Practice Statement Stephen Kent PDF Powerpoint
Progress report on resource certification Geoff Huston PDF Powerpoint

* Key:

Powerpoint = Powerpoint presentation


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