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DNS operations SIG Chair nominee

Name: Edward Lewis, Neustar


I have been involved with DNS since about 1996. Before that I worked with similar technologies. Quite a bit of my work involved the development of the DNS Security Extensions and the protocol "reformation" work needed to support the extensions. Since 2001 I have been present at all but one APRICOT conference to help present a DNS workshop. Over the past two calendar years I have attended both semi-annual meetings of APNIC, RIPE, and ARIN, giving me exposure to cross- RIR activities. I have also been present at APRICOT, NANOG, and the operations meetings at RIPE and ISC's OARC DNS meetings to maintain exposure to day-to-day issues. I also am active in the IETF with DNS, my most recent milestone was the publication of RFC 4592.

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