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Executive Council election nominee - Mr Kuo-Wei Wu

Nominee details

Title Mr
Name Kuo Wei Wu
Organisation National Information Infrastructure Promotion Association
Position CEO

Nominated by

Member organisation CSC
APNIC account name AMP-AU
Contact name Vinh Ngo
Phone +612 90343193
Fax number +612 90342899

Reason for nomination

Mr Kuo-Wei Wu has been serving the Internet community for many years. He has a strong background and is experienced in both the academic and practical workings of the Internet.

Mr Wu has been serving on the APNIC EC board since 1999. Mr Wu works well with APNIC members. His vast experience and understanding of how APNIC works and liaison with various Internet community members makes him a very strong candidate for re-election in 2007.

I have had the honour of working with Mr Wu on the EC board for many years, and his opinions are well-respected within the board. Being an EC board member demands a significant commitment of personal time and financial resources. There is a lot of personal sacrifice and it does interrupt your working life as well. Mr Wu is a senior EC board member and has proven for many years that he is capable of handling such a demanding role and is a valuable board member.

Mr Wu has held many respectable positions within the Internet community, particularly in Taiwan.

Mr Wu holds various degrees ranging from a Bachelor degree in Mathematics, to a Master degree in Computer Science.

Mr Wu holds many senior positions within the Taiwan IT industries such as:

I would not hesitate to re-elect Mr Wu for another term on the EC board.

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