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Executive Council election nominee - Mr Jichen Thinley

Nominee details

Title Mr
Name Jichen Thinley
Organisation Bhutan Telecom
Position Manager Druknet

Nominated by

Member organisation TM International (BD) Limited
APNIC account name TMIB-BD
Contact name Sufi Faruq Ibne Abubakar
Phone +880-18-9121-0272
Fax number +880-18-1921-0746

Reason for nomination

Jichen Thinley is known for his smiling face. He has maintained a warm interpersonal relationship with internetworking professionals of South Asia. Apart from his job he has been very active in promoting the Internet and IP service penetration in Bhutan.

He has a very good understanding of Internet related issues. In addition to his technical understanding, he has knowledge of alignment to regulatory and government issues.

I support him on behalf of my organization.

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