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Executive Council election nominee - Dr Mao Wei

Nominee details

Title Dr
Name Wei Mao
Organisation CNNIC
Position Director

Nominated by

Member organisation CNNIC
APNIC account name CNNIC-CN
Contact name Hualin Qian
Phone +86-10-5881.2270
Fax number +86-10-5881.2290

Reason for nomination

Doctor Mao Wei graduated from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and was a visiting scholar at Maryland University in the USA in 2002. He serves as Deputy Director of Computer Network Information Center Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of CNNIC, and Trustee of the 2nd China Communications Standards Association. He also served as Number Council Commissioner for the NRO and Address Council Commissioner for the ASO in 2006.

Due to his lead, country-code top level domain ".CN" registration ranks at fourth in the world. He took the lead in extending research into the Internet statistics field, whilst taking part in constituting a number of RFC standards as one of China's pioneers. He also directed a number of national Internet research projects of China.

In October 2006, Registration and Administration Recommendations for Chinese Domain Names, to which Doctor Mao contributed as chief author, was adopted by the IETF, and coded as RFC4713.

In July 2005, Doctor Mao was approved to establish the IMA@ietf.org mail-list and successfully sponsored the IETF (EAI WG) conference for Internationalized eMail Addresses in Beijing.

In March 2004, Doctor Mao, as chief director, co-established the "Joint Engineering Team Guideline for Internationalized Domain Names Registrations and Administration for Chinese, Japanese and Korean", coded as RFC3743 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

In 2002, Doctor Mao gained a world-wide reputation, for his effort in successfully sponsoring the Shanghai ICANN meeting.

Since 2000, Chinese Domain Name services, launched by Doctor Mao, have been benefitting over 100 million Chinese Internet citizens.

In 1997, Doctor Mao founded the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) as president of CNNIC.

In 1994 Doctor Mao, as chief technician, participated in the establishment of the China Science and Technology Network (CSTNet), which is broadly believed to be the beginning of Chinese Internet development.

It is believed that his experience will benefit Internet communities within the Asia-Pacific region.

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