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Executive Council election nominee - Prof. Yan Ma

Nominee details

Title Professor
Name Ma Yan
Organisation China Education and Research Network (CERNET)
Position Executive Committee Member

Nominated by

Member organisation China Education and Research Network (CERNET)
APNIC account name CERNET-CN
Contact name Xing Li
Phone +86-10-62785983
Fax number +86-10-62785933

Reason for nomination

Prof. Yan Ma has served as an Executive Committee member of APNIC since 2003, contributing his efforts to regional Internet development. He has been an Executive Committee member of China Education and Research Network (CERNET) since 1994, building the largest IP network for the education and academic community in China. Recently, he has been actively involved in the design and implementation of CNGI/CERNET2, the IPv6-based next generation CERNET. He is the co-supervisor of CERNET NIC, dealing with IP address allocation/assignment and domain name registration. He has also been in charge of the operation of the North China regional network of CERNET, which connects universities in Beijing, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia.

He is deputy director of the Network Information Center of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT). His responsibility is for the planning, construction, and operation of the campus computer network of BUPT. He has a great deal of experience in IP addressing, and technical planning as a campus network administrator.

He is a professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of BUPT and has led several national key technology research projects, including network management, mobile and wireless network, IPv6, multimedia transmission, and distance learning. He has been teaching and doing research in the field of computer networking and telecommunications since 1982. He has done consulting work for telecoms in China for many years.

He is also very active in Internet-related international events. He was convenor of APEC TEL HRDSG (Human Resource Development Steering Group) during the year of 2000-2001. He successfully led the HRDSG while in this job.

In summary, Prof. Ma has similar experience to mine in network operation and the IP address allocation/assignment process. In addition, he has experience in the telecoms business and international activities. I strongly believe that he will make great contribution to APNIC.

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