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Executive Council election nominee - Mr Kusumba Sridhar

Nominee details

Title Mr
Name Kusumba Sridhar
Organisation Vebtel Obconic Internet Protocol Pvt. Ltd
Position President and Managing Director

Nominated by

Member organisation Spectra Net - A Division of Punj Lloyd Limited
Contact name Mr Brajesh Jain
Phone 91 1126200800
Fax number 91 1126200805

Reason for nomination

Mr Kusumba Sridhar has a long experience of 16 years in the Network and IT field. For him, "Technology is passion, not work". Several newspapers and agencies have quoted his distinction of being a "Technology Man".

He has been an Executive Council member for two consecutive years of the ISP Association of India (ISPAI) and is currently an office bearer of ISPAI. Mr Sridhar is an active participant and contributor for all the activities of ISPAI and is involved in all the policy-related matters of ISPAI with the Government. Mr Sridhar has wide knowledge of policy transitions and licensing matters, as well as holding the authority on the technology. He also has involvement in all the tax-related matters for conducting ISP and Network business in India and in the International markets, especially the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement systems.

He started his career as a Novell Network Engineer after a stint at high-sea sailing as a Marine Radio Officer. He is today a budding entrepreneur and created a vast enterprise that delivers services in the areas of VoIP, network services, Internet interception and monitoring systems, hardware design and development, and software development (for telecom and networks). He is the President and Managing Director of the company which is also an ISP and ITSP in India.

Mr Sridhar has designed and built various large networks and ISPs in India and abroad over the last eight years. Before starting his own enterprise in 2001, he worked with several multinational companies, creating and managing large networks that span across the globe.

He is also a consultant for various Government and corporate agencies in India dealing with networks, security, software development, lawful interception, etc. He also works with several law enforcement agencies on matters relating to computerization, communication and modernization systems.

Flying and ham radio (amateur radio) are his hobbies, and he hosts world class equipment is his lab at home for the same. He is currently working on building a simulator connected over an IP Network that can be co-piloted by a third person sitting elsewhere in the World. He has just completed his expedition to Lakshdweep along with 23 amateur radio operators.

Mr Sridhar has several initiatives such as INNOG (Indian Network Operators Group) that is all set to bring the "networkers" together on a regional forum for technology exchanges and knowledge sharing. He has been actively helping various ISPs in India to regulate and structure their IP Planning and Resource Management for establishing effective networks and complying with all the procedures of APNIC.

He is fully committed to IP business growth and the Internet industry. I feel he is an ideal candidate with a great vision that has a mix of technology and management. Above all, he is a true representative of the industry. With the experience of prominent positions with various technical and policy committees and groups, Mr Sridhar would be an asset to contribute as an EC member within the framework of APNIC.

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