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Executive Council election nominee - Mr Nick Hannaford

Nominee details

Title Mr
Name Nick Hannaford
Organisation Telstra Corporation
Position IP Address Manager

Nominated by

Member organisation iseek Communications
APNIC account name INFOPRO-AU
Contact name Tim Jones
Phone 1300661668
Fax number 1300661540

Reason for nomination

Nick Hannaford is IP Address Manager for Telstra Corporation.

He has extensive experience in IP addressing plans across a wide variety of products and services and is well acquainted with the needs of this industry in terms of IP addressing.

There are a number of tensions at play in the address arena, including the management of the forthcoming IPv4 unallocated pool run out, the structural relationship of APNIC with its members, the various confederations and the NIRs, and the longer term issues relating to the role of APNIC looking beyond these immediate issues.

If elected, Nick is committed to representing the interest of ISPs within the APNIC Executive Council.

APNIC needs to reach out to its ISP members beyond the bi-annual meeting process, as these address policies have a very significant impact on the business operations of ISPs.

While Nick current works for an Australian ISP/Telco he has experience in the industry within SE Asia, and is very much aware of the diversity of perspectives within this region, as well as the need to base our policy development process on strong visible consensus building practices.

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