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Executive Council election nominee - Mr MH Billy Cheon

Nominee details

Title Mr
Name MH Billy Cheon
Organisation KRNIC of NIDA
Position Assistant Manager

Nominated by

Member organisation KRNIC of NIDA
APNIC account name KRNIC-KR
Contact name Kwan-Ho Song
Phone +82-2-2186-4554
Fax number +82-2-2186-4496

Reason for nomination

Mr MH Billy Cheon graduated with qualifications in Computer Science from Kyung-Nam University in Korea, and also completed his general education in San Francisco, USA.

After his scholarly education, he served as one of the national IT experts in Korea, working in the IP team of KRNIC for 7 years.

He has planned an annual Internet conference, KIOW (Korea Internet Operation Workshop) for ISP businesses, as well as conducting IT education from 2001 to 2005. He assisted in co-hosting the 18th APNIC Open Policy Meeting, and has cooperated with various international organizations such as APNIC, NIR, APIPv6TF(Asia Pacific IPv6 Task Force) etc. From 2005 to 2006, he successfully served his two years term as one of the APNIC EC members.

Considering his knowledge and experience, I believe that he is qualified and ready to serve his term on the APNIC EC.

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