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Minutes for the NIR SIG

Meeting commenced: 18:00

Chair: Izumi Okutani
Co-chair: David Chen


  1. Draft SIG guidelines
  2. JPNIC update
  3. TWNIC update
  4. CNNIC update
  5. Review of APNIC fee model v2.3

The chair introduced the SIG and explained the agenda.

  1. Draft SIG guidelines

    Izumi Okutani

    The SIG Chair discussed the draft SIG guidelines document and encouraged attendees to review the document and provide feedback. It was emphasised that this document was not a proposal - it was already active - but any suggested changes and comments were welcome.

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  2. JPNIC update

    Toshiyuki Hosaka, JPNIC

    This presentation provided an overview of JPNIC's activities in 2006. The presentation included an update on policy implementation and proposal status, JPNIC Open Policy Meetings, survey results, workshops, and working groups.

    The Chair deferred questions until the end of the session if time permitted.

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  3. TWNIC update

    Ching-Heng Ku, TWNIC

    This presentation provided an overview of TWNIC's activities in 2006. The presentation included an update on TWNIC Open Policy Meetings, SIGs, workshops, survey results, and training. The presenter also demonstrated an IPv6 remote controlled workspace.

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  4. CNNIC update

    Dong Yan, CNNIC

    This presentation provided an overview of CNNIC's activities in 2006. The presentation included an update on membership and resource statistics, CNNIC Open Policy Meetings, CNNIC internal projects, and plans for 2007.

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  5. Review of APNIC fee model v2.3

    Billy Cheon, KRNIC of NIDA

    This presentation discussed the APNIC fee schedule v2.3 from an NIR perspective. The presenter discussed the rationale for the proposed fee schedule. The presenter outlined KRNIC's analysis regarding the impact of the proposed changes, and suggestions about modifying the proposed schedule.

    Questions and discussion

    • The Chair advised that this presentation and subsequent discussion would be summarised at the fees discussion on Thursday. The aim was to present the discussion to a wider audience, not just the NIRs.
    • The Chair asked for the KRNIC suggestion slides be reviewed, and invited comment.
    • It was acknowledged that it was very valuable to consider the fact that APNIC and the NIRs worked together.
    • It was suggested that the way this presentation represented percentage increases could be misinterpreted. Under the current fee proposal, the KRNIC fee would increase by just under 100 percent, not by 200 percent as suggested by the presenter. The presenter agreed to update this figure for the fees discussion presentation.
    • It was clarified that the fee proposal discussed has only been put forward as a personal view of one possibility for reviewing the fee schedule. This should still be considered an open issue and other possibilities may still be raised. It was also noted that the results of the recent straw poll on the fee structure would help to shape future discussions.
    • It was noted that in moving to a new structure, it would be possible to decide on a structure and then implement a transition period to move to that new structure. This approach could help offset the effect of dramatic changes.
    • It was suggested that if gradual change was required, then there would be a need to be quite specific about how gradual that change would need to be.
    • It was clarified that it was unlikely that a new structure could be implemented before the start of 2008. However, this was not a decision for the Secretariat. This decision would be entirely a matter for the membership.
    • It was noted that this presentation was motivated by the need to clarify for general members the NIRs' role and create more understanding of the NIRs' situation.
    • It was noted that TWNIC has a similar situation as that described by KRNIC, and it was agreed that NIRs and their members should be treated as one body for fee calculation. It was also believed that it would be fairer for the NIR fee structure to be the same as the LIR structure, with NIRs making additional contributions as required.

    The Chair thanked all presenters and people who spoke at the session.

    The Chair encouraged members to attend the social event.

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  6. Meeting closed: 18:00

    Minuted by: Tina Bramley

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