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APNIC 16 meeting report

131 delegates from 22 economies attended APNIC 16. 73 delegates attended the APNIC Annual Member Meeting on 22 August 2003 where 30 APNIC member organisations were represented. Delegates from the other RIRs (ARIN, LACNIC, and RIPE NCC) and ICANN were also present.

ASO Address Council election

An open election to fill one vacant position on the ASO Address Council (AC) took place at the APNIC Annual Member Meeting on Friday 22 August 2003. The successful candidate was Hyun-joon Kwon. For more information, see:

Meeting decisions

Address policy SIG

  • Policy development process (prop-001-v001)
    • Option A of the policy development process proposal was approved.

  • APNIC document editorial policy (prop-002-v001)
    • Revised document editorial proposal was approved.

  • IPv6 guidelines
    • Secretariat to call for the formation of a working group to draft IPv6 guidelines.

  • IANA to RIR IPv4 allocations (prop-008-v001)
    • Approval of the proposal to recommend that IANA allocate on an 18 month necessary space basis in units of /8 and that a new RIR automatically qualifies for /8.
    • Proposal to be submitted to the other RIRs for their consideration with a view to then submitting it to the ASO process.

  • IPv6 address space management (prop-005-v001)
    • Chairs to initiate discussion on mailing list relating to preferred IANA to RIR IPv6 allocation size under the principle of sparse allocation.

  • Internet Exchange Point (IXP) assignments (prop-011-v001)
    • Amendments to the definition of an IXP and routing restrictions were approved.
    • Following discussions, remaining elements of the proposal to be resubmitted prior to APNIC 17.

  • Historical resource transfers (prop-006-v001)
    • Approval to allow the transfer of historical resources to APNIC members without need for technical review or approval, on condition that transferred resources are subject to current policies.

  • HD ratio for IPv4
    • Consensus reached on the principle of using a variation of the HD ratio - the Assignment Density (AD) ratio - in IPv4 networks.
    • The principle to be taken to other regions for discussion.


Database SIG

  • Privacy of customer assignments (prop-007-v001)
    • Approval to remove access to customer assignment records from public querying of the APNIC Whois Database. Recording of customer assignments in the database remains mandatory for APNIC members.

  • Protection of Internet resource records (prop-010-v001)
    • Approval to change the maintainer of objects protected by MAINT-NULL to the maintainer of the parent object approved.
    • Approval to deprecate NONE in the maintainer' object's "auth" attribute.


DNS operations SIG

  • Lame delegation cleanup (prop-004-v001)
    • Cleanup of lame delegations in the APNIC Whois Database was approved.



  • AS number guidelines
    • Consensus that Secretariat should clarify the guidelines for the ASN policy in relation to multihoming.

For more information on policy discussions, see:


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