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ASO Address Council election

Friday 22 August 2003, Lotte Hotel, Jamsil - Seoul, Korea


Election proceedings commenced at 9:05 am

APNIC Director General, Paul Wilson gave an overview of the roles and composition of the ASO Address Council. He then explained the voting procedures. Voting opened at 9.30 am, with all ballots to be received by 12.30 pm.

The candidates were invited to introduce themselves to the meeting.

  • Hyun-joon Kwon
  • The candidate introduced himself. He noted his background in law and his work for the KRNIC and the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Committee. He expressed his eagerness to contribute to Internet resource development.

  • Xiangjian Li
  • The candidate introduced himself to the meeting, explaining his educational and professional background. He noted his current position at CNNIC and his work with the IP address team. He expressed his desire to perform this job to his best ability.

The following volunteers came forward to oversee the election: Ray Plzak and Richard Jimmerson from ARIN and Axel Pawlik from RIPE NCC.

Result - 2:00 pm

Ray Plzak announced that there were 47 ballots counted, one was invalid, and the result was a 23-23 tie. The Executive Council, in consultation with the Director General, recommended to resolve the issue by a coin toss. This procedure was decided as some participants have left and would be unable to recast their ballots. The Chair asked for any comments on or objections to proceeding on this basis. There were no objections. The candidates consented to the coin toss.

Ray Plzak tossed the coin.

Hyun-joon Kwon won the coin toss and was announced the winner of the election.

Minuted by: Gerard Ross



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