15th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Meeting report


558 delegates from 30 economies attended APRICOT 2003. Many APNIC members took advantage of the wide choice of sessions available at APRICOT 2003.

116 delegates attended the APNIC Annual Member Meeting on 28 February 2003. 37 APNIC member organisations were represented. Delegates from the other RIRs (ARIN, LACNIC, and RIPE NCC) and ICANN were also present.

Executive Council election

An open election to fill four vacant positions on the APNIC Executive Council took place at the APNIC Annual Member Meeting on Friday 28 February 2003. The successful candidates were:

  • Qian Hualin (re-elected)
  • Kuo-Wei Wu (re-elected)
  • Ma Yan
  • Yong Wan Ju

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Meeting decisions

Address policy SIG

Policy development process

  • Agreed that all policy proposals are to be subject to a minimum discussion period on mailing lists and at Open Policy Meetings and are to be supported by full written texts
  • Concepts to be discussed and developed further on the mailing lists before APNIC 16

IPv6 space management

  • General agreement in principle for sparse allocations from a common address pool for IPv6 address space
  • More discussion needed before the final decisions are made

IPv6 policy revision

  • Editorial team will continue to seek input on items requiring revision on the common global IPv6 Address policy
Database SIG

Database clean-up

  • Consensus reached for database clean-up
  • Removal of records not associated to resource records
  • Removal of records of non-APNIC resources
  • Modification of non-RPSL compliant records
DNS operations SIG

Lame delegation clean-up

  • General agreement to continue work leading to clean up lame DNS records
  • Specific details to be discussed

VNNIC application as an NIR

  • VNNIC's application for recognition as an NIR approved
  • Final formalities to be completed before VNNIC commences operations as an NIR

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