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13th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Summary of decisions from 13th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Election of Executive Council members

The following sitting members of the Executive Council were re-elected:

  • Che-Hoo Cheng
  • Geoff Huston
  • Akinori Maemura

Further details are available on the Executive Council pages.


Consensus items arising from SIGs
Address policy SIG

Draft IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Global Policy

The draft IPv6 interim global policy document was originally circulated in December 2001. Following recommendations made at the RIPE-41 meeting in January, several modifications were proposed by the editorial committee. The Address policy SIG discussed the draft and proposed modifications, especially the following issues:

Replacement of initial allocation criteria

  • The editorial committee had proposed that IPv6 allocations should be made to organisations if they assign /48s to organisations other than itself and provide connectivity to those other organisations.
  • There was consensus for adopting the recommendation from the editorial committee; however, it was noted that it may be necessary to make some editorial changes to the text.

Use of HD ratio as a measure of utilisation.

  • There was consensus in favour of retaining the HD ratio as a measure of utilisation.

Requirements for LIRs relating to sub-allocation

  • There was consensus that LIRs should be responsible for registering all assignments made by ISPs which have received address space from that LIR.

For more details of these decisions, refer to the global-v6 mailing list.

IPv4 policy recommendations from the Broadband Working Group

At APNIC 12 in Taipei (August 2001), the Broadband Working Group proposed changes to IPv4 policies and guidelines. Most elements of the proposal were accepted at the time, but three issues remained unresolved, pending further discussion. These issues were discussed again at APNIC 13 and were resolved as follows:

Customer lists

  • There was consensus for retaining the Broadband Working Group's original proposal relating to the use of customer lists for cable requests. It was clarified that the proposal does not make use of customer lists mandatory.

Assignment justification

  • There was consensus for adopting the proposal of the Working Group to require full justification for requests based on assignment ratios of greater than 1:1.

Registration criteria

  • It was explained that the proposal of the Working Group is to require registration of networks of /29 or above. Although a suggestion had been made at APNIC 12 to amend the criteria to /28, there had been no further discussion in favour of that position, so the original proposal was adopted.

For more details, refer to the SIG presentation and the BBWG original proposal.

More details of the discussions of these and other SIG issues will be available in the minutes, to be published shortly.


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