Published on:Monday,13 January 2014

APNIC will be in Thimphu, Bhutan this week at SANOG 23, the biannual meeting of network operators in South Asia, which starts today. SANOG 23 is hosted by Bhutan Telecom.

As a proud supporter of the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG), APNIC will participate in SANOG 23 from 13 to 21 January. During the event, participants can attend conference sessions, tutorials, and workshops relevant to their professional areas of interest.

APNIC contributes to this event as a Gold Sponsor as part of our ongoing commitment to network engineering and development in South Asia. APNIC invites network engineers in South Asia to attend SANOG 23 to enhance their technical skills and make new contacts within the Internet community.

During the conference portion of the event, Dr Philip Smith will join the panel "Network Operations I" and contribute a routing table report. You can view the entire SANOG 23 agenda online.

Training opportunities for South Asia participants

During SANOG 23, APNIC will help lead several technical tutorial and workshop sessions:

  • BGP Techniques: Dr Philip Smith, APNIC Consultant
  • Internet Resource Management: Srinivas Chendi, Senior Internet Development Advisor
  • IPv6 Essentials, Dr Philip Smith
  • IPv6 Deployment Planning, Dr Philip Smith
  • IPv4/IPv6 Routing, Dr Philip Smith
  • Security: Sheryl Hermoso, Training Officer

APNIC Members are welcome to approach APNIC staff in attendance with any queries. We hope to see you at SANOG 23!

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