Implementation of prop-109

Published on:Wednesday,7 May 2014

Today, 7 May 2014, APNIC has completed implementation ofprop-109: Allocate and to APNIC Labs as ResearchPrefixes.

The objective of this proposal is to acknowledge that the IPv4 address blocks and are not suitable for global unicast use and to define a long term approach to their management as research prefixes for use by APNIC Research & Development.

The policy proposal is prop-109: Allocate and to APNIC Labs as Research Prefixes.

The proposal reached consensus at APNIC 37 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in February 2014 and was endorsed by the APNIC Executive Council via electronic vote.

The policy change did not require any edits to policy documents and the required action delegating the blocks was performed by the APNIC Secretariat.

For more information on the history of APNIC policy proposals, please see the Policy Proposals page.

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