ICANN 49 event wrapup

Published on:Friday,4 April 2014

Theannouncement by the US Government to transfer the responsibility for IANA functionsto the Internet community –made one week prior to ICANN 49 – meant that much of the discussions at thismeeting in Singapore would be focused on IANA. While the future of the IANAfunctions proved to be a popular topic, APNIC was involved in a range ofactivities at the event covering several areas of our responsibilities,including:

  • PaulWilson spoke on a panel discussion session focusing on the roadmap for IANAglobalization. In the same session, theUS Government's Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Larry Strickling, spoke for the first time publicly on the IANA transition.

  • APNICattended the first public IANA Accountability Transitiondiscussion, aswell as the ICANN Accountability session and Public Forum. Paul Wilson spoke at all three sessions about the need for the IANAdiscussion process to be inclusive of a range of stakeholders and not just thecommunity that attends ICANN meetings.He also spoke of the importance of the stability and security of theIANA functions to the Regional Internet Registry communities. ICANN is now developing a community process, which will determine the newIANA arrangements, and it will announce a proposed process on 7 April 2014 forpublic comment.

  • SunnyChendi presented at an IPv6 discussion session, sharing APNIC insights into IPv6 adoption in the AsiaPacific, alongside the Beijing Internet Institute as part of ICANN's 'Tech Day'stream.

  • ThreeISIF Asia Ambassadors spoke at a special ISIF Asia session,chaired by Tony Smith, to help raise awareness of how ICT is being used toencourage development in the Asia Pacific.The Singaporean Government took special interest in the 'Hajjlocator'project, developed by ISIF Ambassador Teddy Mantoro and met with him to discussthe project. ICANN sponsored theAmbassadors' travel to ICANN 49 and also provided a strong endorsement of ISIFAsia during the welcoming ceremony.

  • PaulWilson chaired an APrIGF Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG) meetingwhere an update was provided on APrIGF 2014 by the local host, NIXI/ISPAI. APrIGF will be heldin New Delhifrom 3 to 6 August 2014. Macau was alsoselected as the host for APrIGF 2015.

  • APNICstaff attended a meeting discussing the formation of an Asia Pacific Internet LeadershipProgram, which aims to encourageyouth from the region to engage in the Internet technical community. A working group was suggested and APNICvolunteered Sunny Chendi and Duncan Macintosh to join the group and monitordevelopments. PaulWilson was interviewed by journalists from Reuters, Agence-France Presse (AFP)and The Straits Times on the IANA transition process, as well as the shift to IPv6.Tony Smith also attended the ICANN press conference where the APNICcommunity was mentioned as part of the IANA transitiondiscussion process.

  • APNICsigned a Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN's Asia, Australasia and thePacific Islands Regional At-Large Organization (APRALO), to jointly support capacity building andInternet infrastructure development in the Asia Pacific.

  • APNICmet with Internet NZ, ICANN, and APTLD to discuss engagement with the justicesector, and develop a plan of potential workshop sessions for law enforcement agenciesto be held at NetHui (Auckland), APrIGF (New Delhi), and APNIC38 (Brisbane). In addition, the APNIC EC's Gaurab Raj Upadhayaparticipated in the invitation-only Law Enforcement workshop.

  • APNICparticipated in the ASO & NRO meeting with the ICANNBoard to provide anupdate on IP addressing issues including IPv4 exhaustion, IPv6 adoption, andaddress transfers, as well as providing feedback to ICANN on the IANAtransition process.

  • Separatemeetings on a variety of topics were held with government representatives fromJapan and Australia; NIRs NIXI and KISA; I* organization representatives; rootserver operators; plus the Internet Service Provider Association of India(ISPAI), Asia Pacific Top Level Domain Association (APTLD), Korea InternetGovernance Alliance (KIGA), and INTERPOL.

Immediatelyfollowing ICANN 49, the APNIC EC announced the creation of a new, open mailing list for communitydiscussion of the IANA transition process and the desired outcome. Further information resources are on theAPNIC website's IANA transition page, which will be updated regularly.

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