IANA discussion update from ICANN 49

Published on:Friday,28 March 2014

Dear APNIC community members,

The ICANN49 meeting has just finished in Singapore, after long discussions about the recent US Government decision on IANA functions. This decision will transfer the responsibility for IANA functions from the US Government to the Internet community, replacing the existing IANA Contract with new arrangements to be implemented by September of 2015. This is an exciting and important development for APNIC and for the wider Internet community; something that has been expected since the establishment of ICANN, in 1999.

After discussions in Singapore, ICANN is now developing a community process which will determine the new IANA arrangements, and it will announce a proposed process on 7 April 2014 for public comment.

The discussion of this does not happen only in the ICANN arena.

It is important that the APNIC community be aware of this process, and take part to ensure that the result is satisfactory to us. This is important because we are dependent on IANA functions including IPv4, IPv6 and ASN registry services, and reverse DNS services, and these must continue in a stable, secure and accountable way. In addition, the APNIC EC believes that the health and stability of ICANN itself is important for the reliable operation and proper evolution of the IANA functions in future.

After recent discussions on "apnic-talk", the EC has decided to establish a new open mailing list for discussion of the process and the desired outcome. Subscription to this mailing list is available here.

The APNIC EC encourages all interested parties, particularly from the APNIC membership and wider community, to join this mailing list and participate in discussions. As details and developments emerge in coming weeks, we will share these on the list in order to keep participants informed. We expect also to convene face-face sessions, during APNIC conferences and other events, where discussion and updates can continue. We encourage and look forward to your participation.

With the Best Regards,

MAEMURA Akinori, Chair of the APNIC Executive Council

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