Event wrap: WTDC 2014

Published on:Thursday,17 April 2014

APNIC participated in the ITU's 14th World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) in Dubai from 30 March to 10 April.

WTDC is held every four years. The meeting does not produce an international treaty that is legally binding on ITU Member States, however, WTDC plays an important role in assisting developing countries to bridge the digital divide and promote infrastructure deployment. APNIC, which has been a member of the ITU Development Sector since 2003, works alongside the ITU to help developing economies in the Asia Pacific region develop their capacity to deploy IPv6.

For APNIC, the event was a key opportunity to meet with government representatives from the Asia Pacific to discuss IPv6 training and development in their economies. WTDC also provided APNIC with the chance to participate in the conference discussions around Internet development, which feed into the ITU's strategic plan for 2016-2019.

APNIC's activities included:

  • Meetings with official government delegations from Australia, Cambodia, China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Tonga, and Viet Nam to discuss IPv6 training initiatives and encourage IPv6 deployment

  • Presenting together with the other RIRs to government representatives at a lunch discussion aiming to:
    • Inform governments of the work the RIRs do in helping developing the Internet
    • Encourage investment in training network operators (particularly in developing economies)
    • Stress the importance of continuing to deploy IPv6

  • Monitoring the progress of the inputs provided by the Asia Pacific delegations via the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (in which APNIC participated as an affiliate member) in the discussion process. The final texts of the WTDC reflected all the initiatives and programs APNIC supported to assist developing countries with capacity building and their transition to IPv6.

For more information on IPv6, visit APNIC's IPv6 Resource Centre.

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